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Allen-Edmonds Fremont

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I relatively new around here, and I'm slowly upgrading my closet....years of bad career choices didn't allow me to do this. It has time to come to upgrade shoes.

I am looking for shoes to wear with suits, dress pants.

How are the qualities of these? They seem like a clean design that can be worn with anything.

Or is there something better I can find for around the same amount.
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Getting Allen-Edmonds dress shoes at $150 is a good value. Most of my "good" shoes are A-Es purchased for somewhere in that price range.

HOWEVER, I consider the shoe under consideration a questionable choice in black. It just doesn't fit in too well. A split toe blucher is a little sporty for wear with a least if you move in the company of sartorially discerning men (which is really pretty small)--99.999 percent of the population would probably deem those shoes just fine for wear with a suit. For more casual wear--as with a sport coat or with a sports shirt and slacks without a tie--I have increasingly come to regard black shoes as sort of subpar.

For example, a couple of years before my tastes were refined by hanging around these fora, I bought the Allen-Edmonds Bradley, which is very similar to the shoes you are looking at, in both chili and black. I love the pair in chili and wear them as often as my extensive shoe rotation permits, but I very seldom wear the black pair and rather rue having spent the money on them.

Others on this forum are more positive about black shoes in more casual situations. In brief, they are good quality shoes at a fair price and will serve you well, but given my current taste in shoddings, I'd pass on them.

The Fremont must be a fairly old style. Does anyone know when they were in production?
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I appreciate the reply...and welcome any recommendations.

I am looking for black shoes right now to start. I wear a lot of gray pants so always looking for something to match up there with you.

But I agree, the better I dress the more other shoe tones come into the rotation.
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I think it is a very flexible shoe that can be worn with grey pants or suits, and would do well as a first quality shoe. I understand where Jan is coming from, but as he mentioned, "99.999 percent of the population would probably deem those shoes just fine for wear with a suit". You'll be fine with the fremont, assuming the shoe fits you properly.

I tend to wear black split toes/algonquin toes/moc-toes with some frequency. I probably go about 50-50 in black and brown right now, and my black shoes are frequently older versions that are very similar to the fremont.
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I agree with you guys, but I rarely wear suits..maybe every 60 days or so.

Thanks for the info.
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Why not?
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Originally Posted by FLMountainMan
Why not?

Well at work I'm already over dressed as it is since I don't wear flip-flops, shorts and ugly t-shirts to work.
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yeah, if you're just wearing pants and a shirt, the fremont works.
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