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Sounds good I will take up this challenge.
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I'll do this. Reviews will however be tiny.
Intend to start the challenge on my January 1 flight from a snowy European airport to a non-snowy Asian one.
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Originally Posted by clockwise View Post
I'll do this. Reviews will however be tiny.

after a while its a PITA to review them. See the 2010 challenge for proof
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
I might give it a try - I've decided to give up buying magazines this year. I might be able to use that time to read books. honestly, I think I read 10 books in 2010.

I'm probably not far off that total, although schoolwork has conspired to kill my fun-reading time.

That said, I started Midnight's Children a while ago and still am hardly 1/3 through it. Then again I started Walden as well, and am like 1/50 finished.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post
I might give it a try - I've decided to give up buying magazines this year. I might be able to use that time to read books. honestly, I think I read 10 books in 2010.

With all the time you spend on airplanes, should be a cinch for you my friend. BTW I like the new "hippie" Zach look.
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Clockwise counting 1/50: Stig Larsson - The Autists (1979)

Not to be confused with the Swedish bestselling author Stieg, this Stig is considered to be one of the masters of modern Swedish literature and his cult debut novel The Autists is a short but very powerful read. The nameless character could have been from a Le Clezio or Houellebecq novel but he is at the same time uniquely Larsson's. To follow this man in his observations of the World and its people is unnerving and fascinating. The 16 chapters are only losely connected and it is even doubtful that the main character remains the same person throughout the novel. An excellent read for a short flight but good command of Swedish language is a definite plus.
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1.) The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Vol. 2: Means of Ascent by Robert Caro This book was another reminder of Caro's genius, vision and writing ability. He is quite easily the best living political biographer...and I hesitate to even call him a biographer, as his scope is much more broad. Caro analyzes the nature of political power and how certain personalities bend it to their will. This volume dealt with his early years in the House, his rapid/ingenious consolidation of power in the DCCC, and most of all the 1948 Senate election, which is one of the most infamous elections in American history. While reading this, I tried to remember that Caro was the first person to really describe how Johnson stole the election. Honestly, it felt as if I was reading a fictional thriller. Absolutely, absolutely riveting. 5 out of 5 stars!
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LOL. Oh come on...reading slightly less than a book a week is not that difficult a bar to clear. Simply turn off your TVs and spend that time reading. Sign off these pesky Internet clothing fora and step away from your keyboards and your potential reading time increases exponentially! It will be good for your minds.
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I'm gonna count entire runs of comic series as books. Right now I'm reading through all of Mike Carey's Lucifer, and I plan on going through Alan Moore's Swamp thing. I also might re-read Sandman for shits and giggles.
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WEB Griffin Special Ops

Last book in series of Brotherhood of War. Suprisingly historically accurate. Lots of developed characters continuing throughtout the series. Deals with thwarting Che Guevera's efforts in the Congo and Bolivia in the mid-60s.
Those of you who know me well will find it interesting that Griffin's books have made me more sympathetic toward the military. This one should count for 3; it was almost 800 pgs long.
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1) Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster

It was an interesting read. A lot of history behind the big fashion houses today. A lot of Bernard Arnault bashing (probably deservedly). I learned a lot about LVMH and surprisingly a lot about perfumes. I think it helped me narrow down what brands I definitely don't want to buy in the future and how to find brands I'd like to support.
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I don't have time to write reviews, but so far in 2011 I have read (or reread): 1. Samuel Beckett, "Molloy" 2. Sylvie Germain, "La Pleurante des rue de Prague" 3. Andrée Chedid, "A la mort, à la vie" 4. "Raoul de Cambrai" 5. Propser Mérimée "La Vénus d'Ille" 6. Villiers de l'Isle Adam "L'Eve future" 7. Marguerite Yourcenar "Nouvelles orientales" 8. Thierrey Jonquet "Mygale" 9. Clément Rosset "Le Réel et son double" 10. --- "Le Réel, traité de l'idiotie" 11. Sartre "Le Mur" 12. --- "L'Imagination" 13. Edgar Morin "L'Homme et la mort" 14. Philippe Ariès "L'Homme devant la mort" ...but I study literature, reading is my job (a job that I absolutely love by the way). edit: just realized that I forgot 15. Beckett "Fin de partie" 16. --- "La Dernière bande"
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so far i've gotten My Life by Bill Clinton Decision Points by George W. Bush The Supreme Court by William Rehnquist The Reagan Diaries by Ronald Reagan have 10 or 15 books i'd like to tackle but spring semester starts in 3 days and i'll be doing that kind of reading.
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Clockwise counting 2/50: Mario Vargas Llosa - The Feast of the Goat (2001)

About the dictator Trujillo, the events around his assassination in 1961 and the terror of living through these times in the Dominican Republic. I started this fascinating read in 2010 and just finished it last week. My third Vargas Llosa novel.
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WEB Griffin By Order of the President

More military Pulp Fiction. 1st in the Presidential Agent series. Good guy ferrets out bad guys- Somalian Muslims who've stolen a plane and plan to crash it into the Liberty Bell. Predictably, they are thwarted. I have 14 or so Griffin books yet to read. As I had to order the next 3 in the series from B&N I'll probably read Lord of the Flies (oddly enough, I've never read it) and finish W's memoir. I could only read so far before I needed an air sickness bag.
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