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Return of the Park Ave 50% off thread, I saw, I paid, fedex lost...

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I saw, I paid, fedex lost...
Fedex is still looking... If it shows up I'll get back to everyone. Aplologies.

UPDATE: I have lost internet access due to the snow. (also due to the storm, the shipping date has moved) I have been trying to reply via my BB browser but have just about given up. Unless I'm making a mistake shoes are all spoken for unless someone who has asked for one changes their mind. I will update this thread as soon as I get my internet restored.
BNIB first quality. Price is 162.50 plus $20 for "shipping and handling" (and fees, if any) if you want to pick them up in midtown manhattan on a weekday (due to snow I will not be able to bring them in until after the new year), price will be 165. I cannot guarantee to ship before the 3rd . There are a total of (20) 10 pairs in blk (and three in walnut grain). I will not accept payment until I inspect the shoes on tuesday.
Sizes available in Blk:
8d (multiple pairs)
8.5d (multiple pairs)

9d (multiple pairs)
THere is a 9.5B
(10d) (multiple pairs)
There are also four pairs of EEE, I'm not sure what sizes. There may also be a 9B, we're looking for the match.
(In wlanut grain)
Shell $265 plus shipping:
Bradleys in burgundy size 8 (multiple pairs)
Randolph in burgundy size 7.5
there are also 2 pairs of Randolphs in BLK, not sure the size

"I pm'd on the 10D's several days ago but haven't heard back. Do you still have them in black?"
I have tried to reply to PMs and almost all of those who I am reasonable sure I will be able to accommodate (for blacks though the walnuts are appear to be taken I have not had time to do those) have heard from me. I am trying to get back to everyone but have received 6 PMs on a single pair of 9.5s, for example. I am trying to respond to everyone out of courtesy but do have a more than full time day job. :-(

I also have the EG Wells in black on the 82 in sizes 7.5 through 10. Same 50% off deal so 550 plus 20 please PM

Originally Posted by JeffsWood View Post
He gave head to Allen
BTY chances are he got them 10% or more cheaper then this. Try as you might you have a tough time doing better then this, if you need PA this is a great buy
(Thanks, but I'm not making 10%. I just thought it would be nice for the forum. The "grail" shoe that never goes on sale...)
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I'm interested in a 9D or 8.5D in black. PM sent. I live in Manhattan too so maybe I can come by after the Christmas weekend. Edit: Actually I think I'm definitely a size 8.5D
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Dibs on 9.5D black

PM sent.
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PM sent on walnut 8D
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PM Sent

Originally Posted by elegantgentleman View Post
Dibs on 9.5D black

PM sent.

Grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf happened to that old thread? I was first in line in the entire thread! Size 9.5D!
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Any chance on other models eventually?
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Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
Any chance on other models eventually?
My thoughts exactly. I already have a black Park Ave. Had it for like 2 years now. Needs to be Recrafted. But would definitely like to get another AE style.
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Can someone explain, please, how/where the seller got these so cheap?

Thank you.
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PM sent walnut grain 10.5d
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I call the walnut grain 10d.
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First time post here: Would like Park Ave in Black, 10D please. Will PM.
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There. Can now PM. Sorry!
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PM sent on 10D black, pickup midtown Manhattan
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pm sent !
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