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Helmut lang's straps and buckles

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What do you think of this look? It reminds me of my Oakley backpack.
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Wow. It's just like everything else he's done before - but with a pointless and non-functional addition. Hooray. His theme this season may as well have been sham pockets on jackets... Perhaps I have an inherent dislike of minimalists, but I won't consider it an innovation if you can replicate it in ten minutes with a couple of old backpacks and a sewing machine.
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Hmm, so those pieces actually made it to production. I was sure that they were just for the runway show. It's interesting, but I sure as heck wouldn't buy any of those pieces at anywhere near designer prices. They remind me of goth versions of my backpacking and rock-climbing gear. Maybe I should start wearing my luggage and backpacking reinforcement straps for kicks and fashion. As for the sham pockets, I thought that those stitched on silhouettes of pockets Byblos (maybe I'm wrong here) did a while back *were* pretty clever.
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As a fan of Helmut, I must say that I cannot support these strappy shirts with buckles and the like. I prefer his very clean, sharp, simple yet well made slacks and shirts. Not only are these items not functional for me....they are ugly to me...certainly if you are able to pull this look off, by all means...just not for me. I am sure an audience exists for this for sure.
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it's just like almost everything I see on the runway shows... absolutely unwearable.
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Have you seen the S/S 04 collection? What are they thinking?.?.
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Sorry, guys, but I preempted that whole "thumb-holster" thing in 4th grade when I poked holes just above the cuffs in my long-sleeve t-shirts and stuck my thumbs through. I thought it made me look tough.
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Yeah, that thumb holster thing is pretty old. Even Hugo Boss had a fleece with those a few years back. I always thought that it looked sort of cool, but was uncomfortable, and what was the point anyway?
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