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Seeking White or Light Greyish Belt

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I'm looking for a casual wear white (not too flashy or glossy) or a darker white like cream/grey/tanish color 36-38 length belt to go with jeans or slacks. I'd be willing to spend maybe $50-60 if it's of decent quality. Thanks alot.
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not too flashy white belt seems like an oxymoron.

But there are a ton of flashy white belts out there, Hawk is one, but you'd have to go through rakuten:
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I would get one without any studs or any other detailing. That would be perfectly un-flashy. I have a cream suede one like this.
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i LURV the rby45rpm white belt, slightly over $50, but it is the only white belt that looks classy to me. i've put that in my shopping cart a million times only to take it out and weep.
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VCH has a gorgeous white ETRO belt for somewhere in that range
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Whoa those are way too hardcore for my taste. I'm looking for something more subtle and elegant, along the lines of this.
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Versace Versus from Yoox, but a little pricey:

Beige Orciani, also yoox:

Mezlan beige, cheap, from STP:

Also, Rico (Suave) is my universally-used nickname at college because of my dressy habits. Same deal for you?
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A casual, plain white belt is what I wear at least half the time with casual t-shirt/jeans type clothes. You should be able to pick it up pretty cheaply at pretty much anywhere that might sell "punk", or maybe better said teen-punk style clothes.

Personally, I don't think dressy belts should be white, nor is it a good tucked in look with any style of clothes. But that's just my opinion.
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I couldnt get the yoox site to load, is there anywhere else I can buy them or at least see the pictures? The Mezlan one looks decent, I think we're getting warmer now. Yep, same deal with me, although I think it was given more for my latino habbits (i'm white) than the dressy ones.
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