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So I bought 2 express crew neck plain tees. The fit is spot on. In the summer when I'm not dressing up I like to wear plain tees with jeans, chinos and shorts to go to BBQ's, baseball games, drinks etc.

How do these hold up in the wash? I just bought them on the weekend and only wore one so far.
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1st post. Been lurking a while to get opinions.


To be honest...I do agree that Express material is a bit cheap. But their 1MX fitted shirts are best fitting shirts I've worn.


I get lots of compliments on this shirt.


As a thinner guy, I've been trying a few other brands but can't get the same fit.


I have one Express suit and am debating whether to get another they have on clearance for $150.00($450.00 regular price). 


But I'll probably check out Macy's and Premium Outlets to see if I can snag up an all wool one w/ a similar fit and price first.


Would I rather have a J.Crew Ludlow? Of course.


But it's hard for me to justify spending the extra money on a suit I'm going to only wear twice a year.


The suit I have now is the cheapo made of cotton sateen...which I'm not crazy about.


But it fits good and actually looks much better than the two wool suits I was fitted for in the past @ Men's Warehouse.


So it's hard for me to hate on The Express too much...as long as you know your buying it for the fit and not the quality/longevity.


I consider The Express similar to Behringer music equipment.


Sometimes they make stuff that sounds pretty good for the price but don't expect it to last forever. 

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Okay I had to join this forum just because of this thread.


The push-back here is valid:  some folks want these styles in these sizes, these fits, and for this price range.  What are their options?


Guys, the word "Quality" gets thrown around a lot.  It means something:


 Quality is the degree to which a deliverable satisfies requirements.

If an Express suit holds up for five wearings, is the cheapest suit you can get, looks nice, fits great, wears well, and pretty much outperforms everything else in the price range until it falls apart, then it's actually the highest quality thing you can get... if you need it for five or fewer wearings.


That's what quality means.


Now, my requirements do include durability.  If I take care of it, it should take care of me.  Durability, style, the like.  I bought an Express suit because I'm not a suit guy and I'm trying this out; if it lasts and wears well, great.  My main requirement was low price and a palatable style; if it doesn't last and I decide I need something like this, tossing in extra money--up to the $1000 tier of custom tailor-made suits--would beat $150 Express suits for quality.


In my case, it'll probably never be that.  I buy Lands' End stuff on deep discount, $70 twill pants down to $24 from overstock and $40-off-$100 deals.  They eventually wear out--the fabric frays from washing--but more often I destroy the cuffs or tear the pants bumping into environmental hazards.  By the time I discard them, I've put them up on the sewing machine for multiple stitches and patches 'cause I leaned back in a desk chair and got caught on a metal edge.


Stains, scrapes, tears.  My clothes need to last 2-3 years reasonably well.


I mean come on, I'm the kind of guy who throws this kind of thing on, sans tie, with a black shirt and a Zensah compression shirt under the button-down.

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Has anybody else have problems with their express pants?? I'm noticing marks on my pockets from my keys and phone after 2 uses. Can anybody recommend a similar brand to express. Since I really like the way they feel and fit
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Originally Posted by dapperman6 View Post

I'm a fan of express men's suits and their dress pants. When it comes to cost and quality, there's really no other true comparison out there right now. The 1MX dress shirt it hands down the best. The fit and quality of these shirts is something other retail brands aren't doing either. I'm also a fan of their tall and slim fit options. I'm taller and can't really find slim fit options like I can at Express. If you haven't tried out their ties yet, I'd highly suggest you do. Quality and styles for the price are really unlike anywhere else.


Their shirts last a while before elbows rip and such but they don't seem to be high quality.

Their all wool pants are fine....i like them. But you can find a slim fit pant from other brands and be happy.

Overall you just need to wear slim fit clothing from other brands and you can easily mimic the sizing..

In short.

Their shirts are horrible and don't come in proper sizing. Pllllllleeezzz....sm, m, l, xl. Give me some sleeve lengths and collar sizes please. Tm Lewin does shirts for a good price and you can pick the size of your shirt....how sweet is that. Only downside is you can't find hot pink etc.

Their pants are fine. You can find an all wool pant for fairly cheap. Just remember to get slim fit and size the waste down an inch or two from your real size.

All in all it seems easier to just to got Nordstroms and buy their house brand stuff. Better service, on hand tailor, etc. The slim fits fit almost exactly as the express stuff but you have more size versatility.
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