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The entire run of Arrested Development is on Instant Watch.
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Originally Posted by amstokesdb9 View Post
All of the X Files are leaving in April, better get them in now!

When in april exactly? I'm on episode 5 of season 5 atm.
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Im pretty sure its today. Unfortunately, I only got through 3 seasons.
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Not having Netflix, this thread is 'Bittorrent instant movie suggestions' for me.
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I've been on a futurama marathon for the past week
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Originally Posted by JMRouse View Post
Jekyll. Contemporary, British retelling of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Complete story is told in 6, one hour, episodes. It's brilliant and one of those hidden gems that everyone should see. Netflix has the whole thing up for streaming.

Just finished #3 of this series and it is great. Highly recommend this one.
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Stuff that I don't think has been mentioned yet and is worth watching:

Gangs of New York
The Cove
Wendy and Lucy
The Science of Sleep
The Constant Gardener
Vera Drake
Best in Show
Being John Malkovich
Barton Fink
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Sons of Anarchy, all three seasons, now up for streaming. Awww yeah!

Glee is too, for those interested.
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Spinal Tap .... Saw this movie again last night , has me rolling every time
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Laws of Gravity.

Stars the late Peter Greene and Edie Falco. Shot in '92 (?) in Greenpoint/Red Hook.

Small time hoods live life ala Mean Streets. Worth it just to see the hood back then.

I believe the budget was 38k. not available on dvd.
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I've been meaning to watch some more of Jekyll for a while now.

I have to ask, though, what's up with the black dude in the first season and his American accent. Someone ought to tell him that african americans do not typically talk like Yosemite Sam.
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Of course, that's completely unlike American TV, where we always get the accents perfectly correct.
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see no evil, hear no evil is quite the flick. and joan severance is in it during her prime.
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Mad Men is coming to streaming in July, Im already excited
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Wasabi is worth the time. IMDb's tagline: "Quite Possibly The Greatest French-Language, English-Subtitled, Japanese Action-Comedy Of All Time."
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