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Friday Night Lights was great. And I'm a guy who has 0 interest in any football, let alone high school level.....
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So, I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night watching all of Jekyll. Damn, what a series! Very well done. And Nesbitt, what a talent! I'd seen him before in Bloody Sunday, but he just blew my mind in this series. Gina Bellman as his wife (so hawt!), she was fantastic. I know it was made in 2007 and Gina is busy here in the States playing in Leverage, but I would love to see a second series.
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Originally Posted by Johnny_5 View Post
Flame and Citron was really good.

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Louie, if you like Louis C. K.
There are a ton of Criterion films on netflix instant, I watched several Godard films this past week on streaming.
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Arrested Development.
Tons of David Attenborough documentaries.
The IT Crowd.
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Originally Posted by L.R. View Post
Brick Neo-Noir set in a high school. Probably in my top 10 all-time movie list. It's simply great on so many levels, and not at all cheesy (unlike what one would think from the synopsis)

Just watched this, and wow, what a fantastic movie.
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Funny, I forced my friends to watch Brick last night and they loved it, too.

We also watched a BBC documentary called King of Pastry about the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France pastry competition. It's intense as hell, and the level of artistry is astounding.

The Carlos mini-series about Carlos the Jackal is instant watch. It's great.

I'd also cautiously recommend Enter the Void. I personally love the film, but I can't find anyone else who agrees with me. It's a harrowing and unpleasant. Not for people who get motion sick easily or can't take really loud, flashing colors.
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Dead Like Me- both seasons are instant watch and it is a great, under valued show The Virgin Suicides State of Grace Blue Mountain State- light hearted college football comedy; think American Pie and National Lampoons Clockers Parks and Recreation Better Off Ted
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i feel like all the browsing on this instant is starting to take a toll on my viewing sanity.

i find myself just browsing forever and even when i see something i would like to watch i keep looking for something better.. then get to the end of the lists and when i go back to find the thing i was going to watch i am suddenly not interested anymore and keep searching..

i think i just need a tv break for a while.
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Spartacus !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by ImaPro View Post
Spartacus !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup!! Thanks to Netflix instant I was able to watch Gods of The Arena. Now that they have the first season on instant I might have to go back and rewatch it.
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Valhalla Rising.

Too bad Withnail & I isn't available to watch instantly. Will have to add to my list
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found this under newly available; a true surprise, very poetic.
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I highly suggest the following two documentaries:


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