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Watching Dorian Gray.
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Originally Posted by Joffrey View Post

Watching The Fall of Fujimore. Very interesting. Seemingly good man devolves into a violent dictator. Film is made and consists of very candid interview of him, some contempories (journalists, etc.), and some video footage from the period (late 80s early 90s)

Will watch this today.
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I watched "God Bless America" yesterday and thought it was pretty hilariou, but a little distasteful in light of the recent mass shootings. The social commentary on the sad state of American culture was fantastic. I watched the film with my parents and I'm pretty sure they think I'm a sociopath now, but I really did find myself agreeing with a lot with the message of the movie.
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I think a lot of first run of ESPN 30 for 30 movies are now on netflix ie Reggie Miller vs New York Knicks, Birth of Big Air, Len Bias Doco, The U, Escobars, blah blah blah
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Netflix have a host of animated Marvel & DC movies currently up. Great time to catch up:

Justice League Doom
Batman Under the Red Hood
Batman Year One
All-Star Superman
Superman vs. The Elite
Hulk v. Thor & Wolverine
Planet Hulk
Ultimate Avengers 2
Dr. Strange
Invincible Iron Man
Iron Man: Extremis
Black Panther
Astonishing X-Men
Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

There's been a few others. Overall, most are decent enough and hold more true to the characters than many of their live-action incarnations.
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Spiral - French TV show
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Why did this threak die? frown.gif

Watching "Fringe," which began airing on FOX in 2008. The first few episodes were great, very "X-Files"-esque.
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Fringe was great. It lost some momentum in season 3 or so (i think...i watched it in real time and don't really remember where it got squirrelly) but they rebounded and tied it up nicely. It's worth watching it the whole way through for John Noble's performance alone. He owns Walter Bishop.
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Ha, roomates been watching Fringe nonestop. I find Jackson's acting weak, like all whiney and the character/father dynamic is sooo predictable. Skeptical son, unsure but secretly brilliant father, and sexy tough girl cop, throw in some big brother conspiracy and stir.... Noble's acting is good, i'll give it that, and i kindof like the alien guys. Have to assume the show goes somewhere but as for season 1(?) seemed so boring, like shitty version Xfiles or something. Mysterious thing threatening to destroy life as we know it unless obscure factoid from the scientist suddenly saves the day. eh, pass.

I've only caught a couple of Dexter episodes but considering sitting down for a full marathon and working through the series, that and Breaking Bad. Very tempted to do the whole thing with BB, now there's a show.

Was pissed I missed the second season of Bob's Burgers. Totally quirky cartoon but I really liked it. Went away for a few weeks and came back and it was gone(?)

actually also been enjoying a few of those TED talk compilations
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anyone seen Orange is the new Black? caught some glimpses as roomie was watching and looks pretty good. Dramatic.
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The Fall with Gillian Anderson is very good.
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In addition to many of the previous suggestions:

Season 1 of Longmire
9th Company
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

anyone seen Orange is the new Black? caught some glimpses as roomie was watching and looks pretty good. Dramatic.

It's great, loved it.
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Fringe FTW. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I would very much like a root beer float.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer is surprisingly good and managed to sustain the high quality over many seasons. Not surprising since Joss Whedon knows how to write dialog and develop interesting, but light, characters.
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