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Jantzen shirt button discoloration

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This is my only Jantzen short which I received late last year. It hasn't come into rotation very often and maybe I've laundered it 4-5 times. Always in cold water, mild detergen, hang dry, warm iron. About 4 of the buttons have developed this horrible discoloration, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this before. I can't seem to wash it off, whatever it is.
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Wow.. I've never seen this. It's my hope that it's an isolated phenomenon. I've ordered, just this year, upward of twenty shirts from Jantzen, all with thick MoP buttons, and have an order for an additional 15 shirts about to be faxed. I'd hate to think that this is the fate of my "everyday" shirt collection.
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Almost all of my MOP buttons from Jantzen are discoloured at the back, long before I wash them. Not even my nit-picky wife has ever noticed. Is the discolouration visible to others in your case?
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I am almost certain that these weren't there when I received the shirt. and these actually go all or partially around the button on the side. Not really noticeable to anyone but myself even though I don't wear a tie with this shirt. This shirt also has button down collars which have this same discoloration. These maybe more noticeable since they'd be close to eye level. I just think it's looks kind of disgusting. Let's hope my batch of buttons came from a some sick oyster and not the norm...
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What you're describing is the norm, at least with respect to my shirts. It's never bothered me in the least. I think of the discolouration as giving my buttons character.
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Jantzen doesn't use those awesome and expensive MOP buttons that are completely glittering white. Instead they probably use those buttons with the yellow backs (probably cut closer to the shell) since they're relatively inexpensive. It doesn't bother me all that much, since people aren't going to be looking at the backs of my buttons.
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It's been my experience that most MOPs have this discoloration at the back. The only time you get the glittering white is in the REALLY expensive shirts. Does it bother me? No -- I'd rather have the Jantzen MOPs than plastic. (Speaking of plastic, I saw the most hideous plastic buttons on a Canali shirt the other day -- god awful, thick yellow plastic -- totally ruined the shirt, which was white). I find it odd that you can "wipe off" the discoloration. If that is in fact the case, then I would say your culprit might be hard water that is attracted to the material in the shells. I'm no scientist, so I've never heard of such a thing, nor could I tell you this is not possible. But, if you can in fact wipe off the discoloration, I have to believe this discoloration is not the fault of the buttons.
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Like others have said, all of my Jantzen MOPs have this colourization. I think it looks fine. Actually, I always felt it kind of gave them a nice "natural" look.
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I find it odd that you can "wipe off" the discoloration.
I meant to say that I couldn't wipe it off. Original post has been corrected. It's good to know that I'm not the only one, but I still don't care for it. Especially since some buttons are clear, and others have varying degrees of this discoloration. Maybe it'll grow on me...
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Jantzen uses second quality MOP buttons. Like all their fabric and buttons, they buy bulk stuff that is left over from better manufacturers. Thats's why they charge $40 per shirt. It's a great deal if you ask me. All my Jantzen button have those brown backs. I like em. -Tom
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It's not actual discoloration, it's a portion of the outer shell which you see.  Generally the thicker the MOP button, the more expensive it is, if you want a clean back.  Making thick buttons with a clean back allows for fewer buttons per shell for the manufacturers, and therefore greater expense.  MOP buttons can take certain dyes nicely, but will not stain that easily.  Kiton's shell buttons have this "discolored" back, along with a certain roughness.
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It's extraordinary how unobservant I can sometimes be; I've never noticed the discoloration on the rear of the MoP buttons on Jantzen shirts. After reading this post I checked my Jantzen shirts, and every button on every shirt had this characteristic "discoloration". I guess that I was so pleased with the fit of my Jantzen shirts that I failed to closely inspect them, as I might have with another brand. They are IMHO still the finest shirts, bar none, that can be had for $43. shipped.
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