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After day three the toxins that your body is releasing accumulate in the colon. If you're not doing daily enemas during a water or green juice fast those toxins are recirculated into the blood stream.

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Stopped eating on November 30th and had my first bite of solid food today (an orange). Amazingly enlightening experience.

My body did a lot of healing during this period. Scars I've had for years disappeared, my skin is incredibly soft, vision improved, and I have more energy than I've had since I was a child. Mental clarity and calmness of mind has been elevated, and my intermittent bouts of depression are seemingly gone. Oh, and I lost 23 pounds.

All in all, I gained a great appreciation for the little things in life that really matter. But most of all, I gained back self control and willpower, which was my ultimate goal.

Next time go for 40 days and join the ranks of Jesus.


Bravo either way!

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Good for you  can you give a little bit of a breakdown what you had for 20 days I would like to make an attempt.

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Funny when you check the bigger challengers of this fast and see his average waist size is a 36. Nothing more needs to be said.

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Why is it that the biggest supporters of this idea all seem to have fewer than 10 posts? Did you come here just to advocate for water fasts?
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Fasting is very healthy . Science is only now catching up to the power of intermittent fasting and one day it will realise the power of fasting for overall mind power as well as longevity and health. I regularly water fast even if it's only one day a week . I have done a 10 day fast while exercising and doing weights . I am about to do a 3 week one. Once you have done it once it gets easier . The first day or so is hardest as your body switches from glycogen to keto . If I at all struggle with it I will have a small slice of butter or fish oil or coconut oil as It can increase the keto and boost metabolism .
The ancients always fasted . People today are too obsessed with food . No wonder three are so many obsese people . What 3 weeks of fasting with exercise can do including resistance wouid take a year in a normal mode. It makes me feel amazing . Ignore the haters and ignorant . It's your body your choice. So it's not unhealthy to binge eat and drink but you can die fasting ? Unless you have a heart weakness you won't die but be strengthened . All things must be done sensibly and by knowing yourself . Well done for fasting . More people should do it except fasting for longer than a day in my opinion with no resistance exercise or walking is not that Great . I go against the reaearch and always include exercise that way my loss comes from fat not muscle . Keto preserves muscle anyhow but I would encourage some form of resistance . Better to do a week with exercise than two weeks no exercise . Being flabby is not nice . Resistance exercise is key to a good body and good health . People who only want to start fasting I encourage to do 24 hours first then next time 3 days and then longer . I also don't do fasting back to back and I go into it by eating more fatty food like olives etc. if I was to fast going straight off carbs or sugar i wouid not be able to . That's my experience anyhow . I also do not break my fast with fruit as its fructose which is sugar , I break it with a grapefruit as it is bitter for liver and maybe some Greek yogurt plain . Enjoy your fasting and one day science will catch up . your body is a holy or hollow place meaning it needs some hollowness or a beak from food to repair itself and raise hgh. Try even one day a week ! :-) and I will not respond to trolls or hate or negativity . There's too much in the world. I CHOOSE . This is my body
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