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lol...this thread.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

Seriously, mods, this thread is going to encourage someone to try something as stupid as what op did. Then you will be sued and they will win. Delete this dumb fucking thread in it's entirety. Please.

When you're a hammer, everything is a nail. This thread is great man, let it ride.

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lol...this thread.


There was a great BBC doc on a few months ago about the topic of fasting, there is significant research in this area which indicates some intermittent fasting is beneficial.

The host tried all kids of fasts to reduce glucose, he settled on a 5 day what you want + 2 days @ 600 calories a day. No actual fasting, just restriction. The before and after was significant, the guy was thinner and much healthier looking.

20 days is a long time. I'd struggle with 1. Actually, in all truth I'd struggle with a meal.
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Doing the same thing here, but going for the full forty if I my body can handle it. How was your first week?

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Strong trolling here. Say goodbye to your lean body mass. And welcome malnutrition.
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They say that being hungry sharpens the mental function. I tend to agree. If you need to eat you're senses are sharpened to get a forest animal. This developed a long time ago, we're not leveraging this skill looking for a local pizza.

So, the early comments about mental function made sense.
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i'm on day 4 & i'm not sure i can last.

Amazing how you feel your body heal itself!

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wow i  can't believe people are so ignorant and have such strong opinions about things they know nothing about. Don't let negative people bring you down. They just don't know. I always forgive them and it inspires me to constantly better myself :)

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strong first two poasts
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Originally Posted by Lagrangian View Post

strong first two poasts
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@yirayira RT "This sounds incredibly unhealthy."

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I cringed when I read the topic title.


Actually, I can give it a try, considering I have wisdom teeth removal soon.

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Great thread, i'm on day 18 of my water fast, I have to concur with the OP, he seems like a bright and well adjusted young man. Not sure why he is getting quite such a beating by some of the folks on here, who quite frankly are pretty vile and are clearly not speaking from experience. They talk the scientific talk, but forget the basis: empiricism. Newton distorted his eyeball with a metal instrument to the point of near blindness in the interests of science; whatever happened to that kind of pioneering spirit? How many great scientists used themselves as test subjects?

However, construcive criticism is sensible, fasting isn't to be taken casually. Eating disorders at either end of the spectrum are miserable and deadly.

If people were really so scientific as they profess they would engage this thread in the spirit of enquiry and curiosity, rather than trying to erase it or wishing the OP dead.

Besides, it's interesting to have a break from consumerism for a few days. I'm not saying it's spectacular, but it is interesting.


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This is some real eating disordered shit in here guys
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OP was on Shark Tank tonight. Magic pills and water, no food needed.
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I am a muslim, we fast one whole month a year. I generally gain weight during the month of fasting. We are not allowed to eat or drink from sunrise to sunset but ones the sun sets I eat like a i end up gaining weight during the month.

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