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its like david johanson said, "we're all in drag all the time."(or something like that) what you wear is what you want the world to see of you. i approch it like that.

also, growing up in skateboarding, image was very important. style was even more so. tho the look has changed, my take on it has not.
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just trying to get e-famous
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^^is it working?
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Originally Posted by alien22
i lack confidence and dressing all pretty makes me feel good about myself.

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For me it's mainly 2 things:

1. Here (Israel) people tend to dress the same - think the same, which makes me sick. I do try to wear different stuff even if it's not noticable by others. My wife complimented me about a few pieces of clothing - but never on any of my raw denim pairs.

2. This is sick, but I really love to "hunt-down" a piece of clothing I find on the Internet when I'm travelling abroad (I travel quite a lot). For example finding a pair of raw LVC'47 the last time I was in Munich (You can't find Raw denim in Israel - and I've looked everywhere).

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clothes make me
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^ imaginary, then?
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I like to think I wear who I am. I don't dress to make me anything, or dress with the expectation of anything. I like to wear clothing that allows me to be. It is not to get looks/nods/pick ups. It's a form of expression of me. A bit like Arethusa really.....It's something coming from the inside... --Wade
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I came to appreciate fashion and better clothing via my wife. Not because she dresses me up, but the opposite. She grew up in a culture where the outfits are already pre- color and texture matched (India, Nepal).

After coming to the USA, where I met her, she had no idea how to coordinate Western style clothing. She's quite attractive, but when we dressed to go out and she dressed "American" it was often an outright catastrophe; e.g., camoflague pants and a striped shirt--true example.

As I helped her find a wardrobe that matched, I began paying attention to quality as well. When I saw what a difference high quality, properly fitted and fashionable clothing made, I started looking at my own wardrobe with a more discerning eye.

And since anything worth doing is worth doing to excess, here I am.
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I have a tiny penis and I need to compensate.

Actually, I think clothing is the best way to immediately convey value and personality, which is why I wear what I wear. It's better to be looked over than overlooked.

Plus that first thing, for real.
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The thrift story/punk/dirty hippie look that is naturally me wasn't cutting it. I kept getting treated like shit by shopgirls when I took my kids out and about. That wasn't going to work, I'm trying to teach my kids to be good people by leading by example. It's hard to do that when so many encounters started out with people automatically having a negative view of me before I even talked. In high school and college and even after I never minded getting treated bad by sales people or people on the street, I understood that's part of the game when you look different. I felt very uncomfortable with people treating my kids poorly because of the image I was projecting. It's an ongoing process, this re-discovery of myself through clothes. I'm finding a balance between hardcore trad and work/street wear that feels very comfortable. I'm still making mistakes and buying things that just don't work, but day to day it's working well. My interaction with other stay at home parents and my kids teachers is very positive. I'm able to start off on a good note before words have even been said and that makes things much more comfortable for everybody. It's easy to be polite and make friends when people see you in a positive light. Teaching my kids through example, always trying to do it better.
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Until I was about 11 years olds most of my clothes were hand-me-downs because my family did not have a lot of money. This drove me nuts. I hated wearing other people's clothes.

Between the ages of 12 and 15 my parents bought me all new clothes but they still weren't what the "cool" kids were wearing.

Fast forward to present day and my family is now fairly wealthy. For the past 3 years or so I've been able purchase basically whatever I want, during this time I've developed a keen interest in style/fashion and sort of feel that I deserve to dress well because of all the crap I wore when I was younger.
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I guess for me it is about image. As with most things, my style is an ongoing thing. I'm slowly learning what works for me and what doesn't. I try to dress in a way that is the most flattering to my body. I also try to dress in a way that says something about who I am and what I like. I like trying to pick the right thing to wear for a given occasion whether it be going to class, going out drinking, dancing, to a show, a movie, etc.

I feel the same way about my hairstyle. I'm trying to find a haircut that suits my style and flatters my head shape the best. I have a fairly large head so I now have a hairstyle that covers my forhead. I've had a lot people tell me my hair looks far better now then when it was shorter.

I guess my reasons are pretty vain but perception has always interested me. I like to look at someone, how they are dressed, how they speak, their hairstyle, the way they carry themselves, who they are friends with etc and see what conclusions I can draw about them before I even speak to them. I'm still surprised the odd time when I meet someone who is completely different than I expected. Most of the time, I can accurately tell a lot about someone just by observing them for a while.

I guess I use what I have learned by watching other people and try to make an image for myself that projects exactaly what I want it to say about myself.
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