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Weapon ID?

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Edit:Never mind.
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Desert Eagle.

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No, it was a '30s Italian OTF knife in a tubular case.
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Did you buy it? I love Italian switches. Found a really crapped out one at an antique store the other day and almost got it just for the sheer amound of wear it had... you had to wonder who owned it.
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Unfortunately, I'm still searching for one, preferably in a compact size.

I think these types of automatic daggers were mostly German and Italian.
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I'm sure they are totally illegal in California. Pretty much everything is. You can get a brand new one of pretty cheap manufacture but good utility for about $20 in Seattle - the OTF "Nato military knife". I have one somewhere in OD green, and it's fun to play with, but not a work of art like an old stiletto. Unfortunately, you never see good ones for sale really, because only law enforcement are supposed to carry them. I think people with one hand may be able to get a permit, though.

I'd love to carry one around, but I got in enough trouble when a cop took exception to my Ken Onion Kershaw assisted knife. I carry a regular Benchmade now.

Anyway, this site has a lot of nice examples: http://nicnac.net/en-us/dept_48.html
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damn, missed it. I'm sure LK's picture was for educational purposes only. you know what, though. i have heard that nowadays the weapon of choice here in "Cali" for hand-to-hand gang melee is the machete. "that's not a knife." <shhhing> "now that's a knife."
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