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What was your starting salary (approx.)?

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Yeah yeah, 250k.

What did you make fresh out of high school/college? I might get an offer for a job that pays less than what I wanted. Difference is not a ton of money; I was hoping to make about $5k more than what this offer will surely be.

I guess I'm just curious. I will later poast the salary and accept ridicule/criticism.
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Dood, I lived under the poverty line until my mid-20s. Stop bitching. Also, thought you were in some island paradise as of today?
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Mine was so embarrassing that I don't want to say.
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What field are you in? What's considered reasonable will depend on your answer to a large extent. Oh, and mine was 250K.
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It's a public service job (not civil service; political appointee position). Benefits are extremely good, naturally, and salary is $33K. It would be in a fairly low COL place (Albany).

I don't know anyone my age, in this field, who makes much more than that. So I think it's fairly standard, but it's not stellar.

I may also get an offer that pays considerably more so we'll see.
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How much graft, etc. per year do you figure to capture?
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2003; engineering; 45K
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When I got out of college ('76) it was OK to start at a grand a month.

I knew a guy who was making $35K, driving a new Porsche and getting lots of pussy for making big money.

I think I made, along with a generous bonus a total of around $20K my first year and had a company car.
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$45K out of high school. 1993
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~ 75k
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$22,000 in 1990.
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~$30k in 1988/89
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Guess I'm in the wrong business.
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Stazy, what kind of industry are you in?
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