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An Evening with the Sartorialist-S.F.

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Styleforum member Drake informed me of an upcoming event that might bode interest for Bay Area members here; apparently the Sartorialist is planning to have an evening with Charvet's Jean-Claude Colban at Saks Fifth Ave:


I believe the Gaziano & Girling event is also in that time vicinity, which should provide another point of interest to members.

Drake and I would plan to attend, so perhaps a general invitation should be extended to all.
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Yes, I'm down with this. We can all meet up for drinks or something before or after if you guys want. Let's do this!
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I would love to see Style Forum members at the event!!

I will be taking questions form the audience and selecting questions that have been emailed to my blog before the event so if you guys ever had anything you wanted to ask Jean-Claude just let me know.

Did you guys see my page in October GQ? I thought the readers of the forums might like to see Borrelli get a little play in American GQ!
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I picked up that issue, but I seem to have missed that page... where's it at? EDIT: Nevermind... I actually got the September issue. -_-
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&#^$(#@!!! between this event and the g&g soiree... i have GOT to go to san francisco!!!
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