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Skinny guys

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I 've noticed that a lot of people in this forum are skinny. Do you guys look at skinny as some type of ideal?
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skinny guys definitely look a lot better than non-skinny guys.
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not an ideal, i've always been a skinny motherfucker. it took me two years of working out and forcing myself to eat to get up to a whopping 155lbs
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I stay skinny because my alternative seems to be simultaneously skinny and fat.

Not a good look.
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Being skinny, it's just in my "jeans".
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skinny or slim is the way to be
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
I stay skinny because my alternative seems to be simultaneously skinny and fat.

Not a good look.

I agree... at first I thought I was just gonna stay skinny until I started getting a slight beer gut while my arms and legs remained twig-like. Very unattractive. If it wasn't for school (at least that's my excuse) I'd actually use the gym membership I pay for and make myself bigger overall.
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I think the ideal man is low fat but medium build as far as muscle. Think greek statuary. An example is Randy Moss.

Just my opinion. Good news is different women like different kinds of guys so there is room for all types.
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Originally Posted by minya
skinny guys definitely look a lot better than non-skinny guys.

I'm pretty fit and I definitely wouldn't count myself as "skinny". Not a muscle-bound hulk in the least bit, but I'm 5"11 170lbs.

I think the point he was trying to make is that a lot of you are quite thin, which I've also noticed.
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So have I. I'm one of them, and I hate it. Why some idealize it, I don't know.
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In terms of body, I say that Brad Pitt is ideal. While he is very cut, his frame is still quite skinny.
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Skinny just kind of happens, and it seems like skinny guys are into clothes more than big dudes.
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6 feet 170 lbs, due to years of kickboxing, soccer and plain working out.
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By the way, not to say that I'm into guys, but skinny guys definitely do not look better than "non-skinny" guys.

I'd say medium, but in good shape, would probably be ideal.
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