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Critique My Grey Flannel Suit

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Obviously sleeve length and the upper back need to be fixed. More worrisome is the size of the upper sleeve. I'd like to have the suit as close fitting as possible, so the sloppy sleeve and low armhole is a little distressing.

Worth the alterations, or ebay?

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The trousers don't match well
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I'll cast a vote for Ebay.
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I have to say eBay too, I'm afraid.
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ebay. You need a smaller size.
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Get it to ebay.
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About a size too big. What size is it, incidentally?
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Am I having Deja Vu or are we getting a lot of identical posting on AAAC and SF??


I'll swear I just read 2 different threads that I know I have replied to and my replies aren't there and the other replies are different than what I remember. Maybe I am in an alternate universe tonite.
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Sorry, that one pic of the back is a little misleading, although I do think it does need to be taken in a bit.

I have to put my camera on a desk and turn my back, so I couldn't see that my arms were actually hanging a little behind me, causing the unsightly wrinkles all over - it doesn't look as bad as that.

The following pic is more representative of how the back looks. Although there is an angle to the camera as well as my stance - hard to get right when you have your back to the camera on a timer! Also, I put on the pants that fit me perfectly, which is why I didn't bother putting them on!

pkincy - yup! I realized that. Thought I would try to get two different sets of opinions, but it appears that there's plenty of us who play for both teams.
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Edward Appleby - it's labeled a 38 short.

This is about one more flame away from being listed on ebay as well as on the sales forum. Ok, maybe it's already on fire.

It is such a nice suit ($1300!) that I wanted every excuse to keep it, but I guess enough bullets to the head can change one's mind.

After all, this suit would probably fit somebody out there perfectly. But not me.

There goes my dreams of becoming the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit.

Oh well, thanks guys, I'm disappointed in my body but happy and grateful for your comments.
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Don't toss it just yet. Can you describe the fit through the shoulders? Does it fit well there and through the chest?
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I would say it does. You can see from the front photo and the side photos, the shoulders are ok. I don't think there's too much wrong with them. They certainly feel right. The chest feels the same - good - almost perfect. I'm a true measured 38 in the chest, the coat measures almost 20 armpit to armpit. Off the hanger, I didn't notice any significant problems with how the shoulders and chest look/feel, despite what some of those pictures show.

In that one pic where the back looks distorted, my arms are actually behind me (why I would pose in such an awkward position? I'm not sure, back towards the camera!), which is causing the two vertical breaks in the upper back, and the bigger upper arms of the sleeves makes it look worse, I think. Maybe some of the back fabric can be taken in.

Which all goes back to my initial concern, that the upper sleeves are too big. It seems there's too much fabric there for my upper arms.

Everything else I felt was good or could be easily altered.
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The sleeves border on the bizarre.
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Honestly, if you got the sleeves shortened and maybe the body length as well, it'd be fine.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Honestly, if you got the sleeves shortened and maybe the body length as well, it'd be fine.

Agreed. See if you can get it altered, and then if it still doesn't fit quite right, eBay it.
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