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The New James Bond Theme Song by Chris Cornell

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Casino Royale Chris Cornell Full Song
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Is the backing band Audioslave? The Garbage rendition is my favorite.
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It's ... different. I don't care for Chris Cornell's stuff that much, and I can't say I love this, either. But it should be serviceable as a theme for the new, grittier Bond.

I might like it more with repeated listens, and maybe after I see it with the titles.

The band isn't Audioslave, I don't think.
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A bit eighties rock. Not too bad, but System of a Down or Slipknot would have been more interesting.

I don't like the title much, too reminiscent of the famous line in "McVicker":

"You know my name, and you gave me the f**king number"
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I think the song is just ok. It would have been better if it HAD been Audioslave or one of the other bands mentioned. It seems like some of the grittiness is gone because of the over- production and the use of a studio band.

I hope the movie is good. The new person playing Bond intrigues me. He seems like he could do a good job. Hopefully the script is good.
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When I heard Chris Cornell was doing the new theme song, I was happy. I don't like Bond (in fact, I hate Bond, though Casino Royale may change that a bit), but the first two Audioslave albums were pretty good. Not brilliant, for the most part, and a bit too similar, but promising, and some of the stuff on them was excellent. Then Revelations came out. And now this. Ugh.
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I'm starting to really like this song.
Much better than Madonna
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This song sucks... Audioslave sucks... Its like "new math". Add two badass (but totally different) bands together, and subtract anything that made either band unique or good, and release as many mediocre albums as humanly possible for a negative result. Same thing happened with "Velvet Revolver". Ugh. How could it have gone so horribly wrong? I wonder if you took two SHITTY but different bands (lets say... Nickelback + The Backstreet Boys = NickelBackstreet ???) put them together, maybe you'd come out with Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction or something. Maybe someone should try it. Fortunately the movie looks like its going to kick ass, cause otherwise I'd have to go punch Chris Cornell in the left pinkie toe.
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