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Originally Posted by micbain View Post
The only acceptable ring of that size to wear on a daily basis would be a super bowl ring

yeah.. it is a bit garish.. has a diamond between the horns on top.. but

by Gawd.. We're Texas... we're supposed to be a bit garish!
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I wear a gold bracelet. Yes, it's a little flashy, but I'm okay with that. It has sentimental value to me.
I also used to wear studs in my ear a year ago, back when I had my ears pierced.
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I always wear a silver ear ring and I recently started wearing a stainless steel watch. Occationally I will also wear a plain sterling silver chain around my neck (nothing on it, just the chain). I have a matching chain for my wrist, but the lock has been broken for years and I'm too lazy to fix it. I also sometimes used to wear a plain silver thumb ring (left hand) and a "tribal" silver ring (right hand), but after reading one too many stories about people losing their fingers when having their rings stuck in various situations, I stopped wearing them.
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I wear some leather, steel, and shell bracelets from time to time. Also a little neckwear. But only 1 ring. Watch, and cufflinks included ofcourse.
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I'm not married but I'd usually say a watch and wedding band and I consider cuff links a different level of accessory. Lately I'm liking artistic and european men's version of the cocktail ring that you'd wear on your ring and middle fingers on your right hand.....I know I'm a bit detailed but you know those damn Europeans are envelope pushers in the best way
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Originally Posted by NakedYoga View Post
Wristwatch, sometimes cufflinks. My father has always worn a simple, flat, gold signet ring with his initials engraved in it. My grandfather, who recently passed away, also wore a similar signet ring, albeit much more ornate and interesting. I plan on having it resized so that I can wear it, as all three of us (my grandfather, my father, and I) have the same initials.

Maybe I'll get a cheap one with a mirror-image of the initials so that I can seal letters with wax and imprint my signet into them. Probably not, though.

Yoga, do it. Great idea.

One of the partners at our firm wears two signet rings - his own and father's. Both are worn out of initials ("all that frustration goes in them, doesn't it ?" ) ) It's a nice tradition. Another Irish guy I know wears his initials flat ring on the middle finger of his right had. Don't know why though.

A sales guy at New & Lingwood also wears his father's ring. It's great.

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I always have a watch and my wedding band, no matter what I am doing. I used to have my ears pierced, but my wife hated it, so I no longer wear them. I do sometimes wear a ring on my right hand and a bracelet. I tend to wear casual bracelets in the summer and necklaces on casual days. More than that is too much, other than cufflinks.
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