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Jewelry on men...

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looks gaudy, sophomoric, silly.....

I think I want some...
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Unless you are Mr T, a wedding band should be it. Although I have to admit that the line of masculine tiaras that Thom Browne just introduced do seem interesting.
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i wear a wristwatch and a wedding ring.
i also consider some shoes as being semi jewelry; i just love it when i walk into a dept store with those nice display and showcase lights everywhere and my shoes are glistening and better looking than what they have in store.
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I want some big gaudy rings and a cigar
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Wrist watch. Cufflinks. For me, that's it. I don't like jewelry on women, either. One or two good pieces. That's enough.
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Depends on the guy. And on the jewelry. Needs to be self-aware.
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I think it's pretty cool how some guys wear a lot of jewelry. It's like how back in the day the bravest warrior in an Indian tribe would have the brightest colored feathers just to show off that he had slain the most round eyes.

I don't wear jewelry myself because I find it extremely uncomfortable, but it doesn't bother me that some people do.
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Where I live a lot of men wear thin necklaces, with a small crucifix or something. I guess it's a Latin thing. I used to abhor it, but I kind of like it now. As long as it is subtle. Then again I see guys here with rings on every finger and 4 or 5 chains, usually with big gaudy pendants like anchors and stuff.
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I do the cross on a chain sometimes, and I'm not Latin. Well, I'm white, but was raised a Catholic. I don't like the term "Latin" referring only to Hispanics anyway. ALL of us raised in a western culture are really Latin; espcially Americans. What can be more "Latin" than living in a Republic? Anyway, back to the topic...I'd like a carnelian ring, I think.
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Speaking of Latins and jewelry-
I like the Sassanian Gold Ring in the middle.
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double post
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Depends on the guy. And on the jewelry. Needs to be self-aware.
My father wears his Army ring and a ring he got from his sister when he dresses up.
I plan to start wearing a signet ring
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Ring and watch, as I am sure my wife would be most upset if I didn't. Sometimes a bracelet in gold of siver depending on the watch. Not so much anymore, but I like the look if its subdued and it does not work with cuff links that feels like too much
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Wedding ring, watch, engineer's ring. Probably a subtle leather/steel bracelet when I find one that strikes my fancy.
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European nobility used to wear a fair amount of rings, and possibly a bracelet since pocket watches were common in those days.
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