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f.s. dior mij . vanishing elephant . margiela leather . somet . cp . lova .

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hello, all. i have not 'sold' here before, but i have bought things, sold things on ebay, and i am just all around a trustworthy fellow (i was raised in the midwest). ok. this is what i am selling. please pm me questions. i accept the p-pal or will meet up in the nyc metro area if you'd prefer. note at the top: my apologies for the sleeve measurements; apparently i'm not too great at measuring these either. the sleeve is measured from the armpit to the end of the sleeve, not from the shoulder or anything. i'll get those measurements, though. 1. margiela classssssssic leather 5-zip jacket. first, the deets: i bought this in person from the lovely martina at the margiela store in new york city for $1500, not including them taxes. it was impulsive, and i thought i was the hot-shit at the time. but when i got home, i was not really in love with it that much. i slept on it for a while and it's not really for me. but the color is beautiful-- it's a smoky grey/brown with a little olive in it. [the color on this last pic is a bit weird-- only pic that i used flash on.] [edit again re: pit-to-pit. notice how i measured it in this picture is not the proper way to measure pit-to-pit. it's actually 21.5," according to bananananana's helpful tip. the lova jacket measurement reflects this change in measurement as well.] here are some measurements: pit-to-pit: 21.5" [edit: added photo of this measurement. i know, the 54 tag-size is weird. hope this clears things up] shoulder-to-shoulder: 18.5" sleeve: 20" it is tagged a 54. that is huge. instead, it snuggly fits a standard large. reference measurements, please. asking $950 --> $925 --> $850, final drop before I sell this thing for less than I'd like to. 2. somet 008 low rise slim fit indigo, 31. i had the pleasure of buying these from BIG for $265. they have been worn 4 times. no fading yet, although the back white leather patch is gettin' some blue on it. they are nice jeans. and they were also chain-stitched by a super-nice guy at BIG to 33.5 inches. you can see if this will fit you using these measurements: waist: 17" inseam: 33.5" asking $210 --> $165 3. apc new standards, 30. you know these. worn 3 times. they don't fit. not altered. not faded. waist: 16.75" inseam: 35.5" asking sollllllddddddddddddddddd 4. LOVA flap jacket, L. you may know this jacket. i really like it. it doesn't really fit me, though. it is warm and nicely lined. it is also new with tags! i bought it heavily discounted ($250) from revolve. keep yerself warm! pit-to-pit: 21.5" [edited to be a better measurement; thank you bananananana!] sleeve: 19" shoulder-to-shoulder: 18.5" asking solllllllllllllddddddddddddd 5. common projects training boots! white. dirrrrty. size 46. i bought these used and haven't worn them out since. they're great shoes and run like a good u.s. 13. great condition. asking $180 --> $160 --> $140 6. swear iggy 12. patent black. size 46. i like these. bought for $125 from revolve. kinda like the poor man's common projects. they fit small. probably a 12 or 12.5. never worn outside the house. and i have a small house, so really never worn. narrow silhouette! asking $80 --> $60 --> $40 7. dior mij size 31 you know these. just bought off sufu-- i need a 30 (will trade!). unworn by myself, but obviously worn by the previous owner. a little crotch wear, but nowhere near needing repair. hook-closure still fine. waist: 17" inseam: 34" (unhemmed) solllllllllddddddddddddddddd 8. vanishing elephant adelphi heavy flannel? bnwt tagged L fits M bought from gilt for $68. had no idea it would be super slim. note-- not made in china, made in the PRC. asking $40. that's it! pm me.
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awesome prices. This stuff should go fast
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sure that 18" p2p is correct for size 54?
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yes. 18" seems normal for a snug large, right? i thought i would be a 50 or 52. when i was trying on in store, a 54 was the only one that fit normally and i'm a regular large in everything.
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You need to fold the arms up to clear the sleeves and measure the fabric on the sides as well. Looks like you're missing at least an inch of fabric on each side if that's how you measured.
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36" chest is nowhere near a standard large. What are you talking about?
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Originally Posted by dmash1080 View Post
36" chest is nowhere near a standard large. What are you talking about?

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re-measured; thanks banananananana!
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also specify the sleeve measurement from the top of shoulder seam to sleeve hem
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amazing stuff. would kop the CP's if they were black. thinking about it anyways
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PM sent
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Awesome Margiela and nice stuff. I'm selling a similar 5 zip in a different color and weight. Both are dumb nice jackets. Free bump.
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Nice guy, met up in person. The APC's were as described and fit well. Thanks!
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so apc ns are gone?
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yes, sorry, apcs solllllldddddd. edited to explain sleeve measurements.
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