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hotel near park lane, london 'PLEASE HELP'

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hey everyone...

this is perhaps a funny question... i'm terrible at finding hotels for cheap prices... i want to stay at a good 4-5 star hotel near park lane from 29 sept to 2 oct for the best price available.Can someone help me find a room..?

it's just me and i need a small room with one bed...

please help! Thanks in advance
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The Athenaeum is very good, and just around the corner on Piccadilly. Don't know what "best prices" mean to you.

I think there might be other nice places if you go away from the park a block or so-- lower prices, probably a quirkier experience.
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The Athenaeum is a great Hotel.
Rack rate is typically £200.00 - 250.00.
Try for a corporate rate.

Further out (15 minute cab ride), is The Hoxton Hotel.
Opened one month ago and they have Introductory rates (& sharper rooms) of around £90.00.
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"Cheap prices" and "Park Lane" are like oil and water. That's the most expensive part of London, with several of the very most expensive hotels. I have gotten decent deals at the Conaught, in the off season, which is not far from there. But I still would not call it "cheap."
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Manton is right - most of the hotels in that area are extremely expensive.

There is a Holiday Inn just off Piccadilly that I hear has decent rates. That might be the best bet in this part of town.

The Hoxton Hotel is completely on the other side of town, but I've heard good things about it. The neighbourhood is also very different from Mayfair - think Williamsburg, compared to the UES. Also bear in mind that a 15 minute cab ride in London could cost around GBP 15-20 (i.e., $30-40). If you are interested in this, the Zetter is another good choice for a "design hotel" with decent prices - it's also closer to the centre of town than Hoxton.
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