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brooklyn tailors

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anyone have any experience with these guys?

looks good, would be interested to see how the fit is, some patterns are killer.
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They basically copied all of Steven Alan's fall plaid offerings.
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also interested to see if anyone has tried any of the shirts?
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I have one of their oxfords (which is for sale in B&S, by the way) and it's really nice. The fabric is substantial and the cut is slim but short. The only reason I'm not keeping mine is that I've made the jump into MTM shirts. That being said, I'd still highly recommend their offerings.
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I understand that they have an off-the-peg service as well as a made-to-measure and bespoke service. The difference between each iteration is not much more than a hundred dollars; I'm beginning to save up for my first bespoke suit. These guys seem like what I'm looking for-- local, young, and less than a grand. Bespoke is about a thousand dollars here; does anyone have any reason to think this a terrible idea to pursue?
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Depends on how good they are. I had a bespoke suit made in Vietnam to my specs and couldnt be happier with the results. Just see their work beforehand and do your homework
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And behold -- this is part of my homework! They seem a little obscure-- they don't have much of a web presence, anyways, so it's hard to find info on them or how they do. Mostly, like... why drop 550$ at J. Crew and then another hundred bucks on alterations when you can drop 850$ on made-to-measure and have a better suit than the former? I haven't had much luck with thrifting, probably courtesy of my small size.
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Stel's in Boston carries their suits, chinos and shirts. They are one of the most promising u and coming clothing companies, in my opinion.
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The OEN online shop opened last week and we are currently carrying a few pieces from Brooklyn Tailors for those interested, more of a selection to come in for Fall/Winter 2012.

I do believe we are the only stockists in the UK :
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I realize that this thread is old, but I thought I'd share my experience with Brooklyn Tailors. I have three custom shirts that I got from Brooklyn Tailors towards the end of 2011. Daniel and Amanda couldn't be nicer or easier to work with. Throughout the process, they were very communicative and willing to explain why they did things a certain way. Also, they are open to making alterations to their house style without any fuss. When I received my first shirt, there were some changes that needed to be addressed before making the second and third, which were improved upon in the subsequent shirts. I even requested a second visit to the shop after I had washed and worn the first shirt several times to get Daniel's opinion on the necessary changes, and Daniel was happy to accommodate me (when I picked up the first shirt, I tried it on and Daniel made some initial adjustments to my pattern).

While my shirts turned out well initially, the ultimate issue that I've had with them is their construction. I've found the construction of each of the shirts to be sub-par. The shirts are made in Nepal, which in and of itself shouldn't necessarily lead to a poorly made shirt, but I suspect they could have found a better place to produce their shirts. I've had to re-sew buttons on two of the three shirts, and the shirt whose buttons have managed to stay attached has uneven stitching on its hem. The need to re-sew the buttons was not due to poor care, either. I have never machine dried these shirts. I typically hand wash them, and when I do machine wash them, I wash them on the cold water, delicate setting. Given the cost of their custom shirts, I expected better. In the future, I would certainly consider returning to Brooklyn Tailors provided that their shirts are produced elsewhere because Daniel and Amanda provide excellent service, and I think their shirts are designed well. For the time being, though, I might try CEGO for some casual shirts since I've had good luck there with my dress shirts.
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Wait, what? Shirts are Made in Nepal?
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Wait, what? Shirts are Made in Nepal?


Yes, I can't find a ref on their Website but it has been discussed in interviews, e.g.




Where is Brooklyn Tailors’ clothing/fabric sourced and made?
Brenna and I live and work in Brooklyn. Most of our suiting fabrics come from Italy and England.  Lately we’re seeing more and more great stuff come out of Japanese and Indian mills, particularly cotton shirting fabrics.

All of our garments are tailored at our small workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I’ve worked with the same small team of tailors for the past 6 years and we’ve got a great relationship with them.  It is important for us to work directly with individual craftspeople in this manner, not only to achieve the level of quality and control that we require, but also to know that the money we spend to produce our garments is going directly into the hands of the artisans that are making them.

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Originally Posted by zissou View Post

Wait, what? Shirts are Made in Nepal?

Yeah most, if not all of them are made in Nepal. You wouldn't really know given how they advertise on their site and how they color copy their product. They are starting to use Japanese and Italian fabrics now, but I believe most of their shirting are still Nepal made. Some of their pants and most of the ties are Made in the USA. I have owned several shirts and had no quality control issues. They have nice fabrics and use nice thick MoP buttons. It would be nice if they started supporting their NY manufacturers though considering they are located in NY, that's my only gripe.
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Thanks for the info, tonio and blueplate. I can appreciate that they care about the tailors they work with. I agree that it is strange, though, that it makes sense for them to ship rolls of fabric to Kathmandu, and then the shirts back. There has to be plenty of places in NYC that could do a good job as well.

I'm going to give them a shot. The Large BT measurements are surprisingly close to my M GBV shirts... maybe a little shorter in the body and a hair narrower in the shoulders, which is ok.
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I received my Brooklyn Tailors shirt today, and the fit and finish is quite nice. Their Large fits very similarly to my Gitman VB Medium oxford. The major differences are a slimmer fit (but not super slim) in the body and sleeves, along with higher armholes (thank you!). It is also an inch or two shorter than GBV, which makes it nice to leave untucked. Although, I almost always tuck. I can imagine it coming untucked easily with my lower rise jeans, but almost all of my trousers are higher rise.
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