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KRANE Overstock Sale - Page 4

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is the sale still going on? I am interested in the jonas coat.
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can you tell me how these jackets fit? I usually wear a size 40-42 inch chest.
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Just noticed Krane's didn't renew their prior domain? Maybe this is related to the overstock sale http://www.kranedesign.com/
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Krane has a F/W 11 collection coming out, I just got an email about the runway show. I don't know what's up with the site, but I think the label is in pretty good shape from what I can tell.

As for how the line fits- I'd say pretty true to size. If you're a 40-42 you would probably want a 40 in Krane.
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pm him, i got a jacket that wasn't in that sale stock list.
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Good to know.
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Krane's collection looks awesome.
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This was originally posted in December.
Could you provide an update of items that are still available and any new additions that may have come along.
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damn no filson?
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Originally Posted by chiggah View Post
damn no filson?
I think you're thinking of the wrong Krane. I think you're thinking of this Crane.
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