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Brooks store vs factory store

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What is the difference between the dress shirts at the brooks retaill store and factory store? Are the ones at the factory store made for those stores or are they irregulars? I thought I was once told the red label in the shirts shows that they were for a factory store. I wore an ocbd last night from a factory store and was just wondering what the difference is. Thanks!
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The only line I've ever seen in the factory stores is their 346 line which is supposedly low quality just for outlet junk.
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The 346 line stuff does have red tags with "346" on them. It is low-end stuff. But I believe their "luxury" line (sort-of mid-range bet. their standard stuff and golden fleece) also has red tags. So red tags are neither here nor there. But I woudn't jump at the 346 stuff.
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My nearest outlet always has the 346 stuff, but sometimes they have shirts from the regular stores, too. They had quite a few of the traditional trim fits when Brooks first went crazy for non-iron. Some irregular shirts wind up at the outlets, too, as do unusual patterns.

I avoid the 346 products, but I've found enough bargains at the outlet to make it worthwhile to drop in.
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