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So, I started checking ebay for some clothing. I went to the men's clothing section so I could perform a search and walked away from my computer for a bit. I returned and saw that a new auction started with a picture of a hot chick with her boobs hanging out. Being the typical idiot male, I clicked on the auction to see what this person was actually selling and I was prompted to the sign in screen.

I was away from my computer for a while so I assumed I had been timed out. I put my password and screen name in and then was taken to the next screen asking for my credit card #. Credit card #? WTF? I then looked up and I had been forwarded to "ibay" not ebay. I then realized that I just gave my name and password away to someone.

I, of course, changed all of my info but it's gotten to the point where one has to be extremely careful on ebay.

I just wanted to post this as a warning to anyone that sees these types of auctions. There is one on there right now at this link. I would suggest not clicking on the link once you see the auction. Again, I just posted this as a warning.

I notified customer service via live chat and they told me to email the "spoof" department. By the time I do that, the auctions are normally over and the damage is done. Beware!!!!

Edit: Since I posted this (only a couple of minutes ago), the auction has disappeared. I have seen several today so I'm sure there will be more...