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Help Me Interview My New Boss

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I've been asked to sit in on a second interview with one of the leading candidates to run my department. Can you guys give me some good questions beyond the usual What Do You Bring To The Table, What's Your Management Style, and What Do You See As The Strengths/Weaknesses Of the Company/Department? I'm going to have an hour of face time, so I need to be locked and loaded.

Thanks in advance.
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I hate the strength's and weaknesses questions.

I would hit him/her with industry specific questions. You want to show that you know your stuff since it is going to be your future boss and all.
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And if that doesn't work just ask if he's the type of boss to let you suck your way to the top. 9/10 times the answer is yes and the ball (and shaft) is then in your court.
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I usually close with "Why are you the right person for this job?" No matter how well the interview has gone up till then, I ask it without any emotion whatsoever. It tends to separate candidates if things are still up for debate.
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It's much better just to get to know the person on a more personal level. Just ask basic personal questions, like if the person is married or has kids or whatever, and let the conversation flow from there and you'll get to know the person better. Just lead with an innocuous question like "How old are you?" or if they look black or Asian or whatever, "Where are you from?" It helps to open people up and break the ice a little.
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I'd go really easy on the possible new boss.
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