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I have the Aeron in my office and it's the best desk chair i've ever had hands down. Even beats out a fancy looking leather exec chair I had for several months a few years back.
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I'd get that chair that looks like a spine. Supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread.
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I have a fully loaded Aeron at home but sit on the very front edge of it. I try to make up for my reckless disregard of posture by doing deadlifts.
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Originally Posted by Xericx View Post
I have an Aeron. I'd trade it in a heartbeat for a Humanscale Freedom chair. The Aeron is not bad, just like the aesthetics of the humanscale, but really haven't sat in one. We used to have a few humanscale chairs at the office though, pretty nice stuff.

I have a Freedom chair at my office. I've had it for several years and I like it a lot. I can sit in it all day long without aching at the end of the day.
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The opposite of whatever I'm sitting on at the moment.
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ive got a minor back ailment so following assessment ive been using an rh logic - not sure if available in the US but here is link:

i find it much more comfortable than any of the aeron's ive used in the past largely due to the extra features like lumbar pump etc
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I find the Mirra to be consistently more comfortable than the Aeron and will be replacing my two Aerons with Mirras if/when they break.
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At my previous job, I sat in a Steelcase Amia. In my current office, we have Aerons and Mirras. My roommate has an Embody. I have a Steelcase Leap at home. Leap > Amia > Embody > Mirra >> Aeron IMO
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I hve an Aeron at work; it is comfortable enough. At home, I have a Steelcase Leap, which I think looks nicer than the Herman Miller. The pellicle "fabric" mesh on the Herman Miller is abrasive and can wear holes in your clothing all the while keeping you cool. At home, I also have an Eames Aluminum Group Soft Pad Lounger and ottoman, which for style looks much nicer than either of my task chairs.
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I recently bought a Herman Miller Embody and it's the closest thing I can imagine to heaven.
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I have an Aeron at home and at work and find it very comfortable. Whatever you get, make sure it is thermo-neutral (made of an open fabric like the aeron). Padded chairs will feel comfortable at first, but quickly make you warm. Herman Miller has a whitepaper on their website about this issue.
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Embody is amazing. For those without the $, the Sayl is great, too.
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Just bought a Haworth "Zody" chair to replace my home office desk chair. While not inexpensive (I paid $600 for one that was used for about 30 days - they retail for >$800 loaded), they are not ridiculous. It has adjustments and great lumbar support. Pretty pleased after my first 6 hours in it completing a big presentation.

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