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I really like True Grit. It's so nice to see Hollywood make a good, old fashioned western. It's so rare these days!
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Yeah I was surprised, I thought it would be another cheesy movie but it was actually fairly decent
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Originally Posted by Teacher View Post
I know Wayne was older when he did the character, though it's been so long that I don't remember most of the details from that version. However, I believe Bridges's Cogburn was supposed to have been closer to that age, just extremely haggard from a hard and bitter life. Recall that the very end was twenty-five years after-the-fact, and he'd just died. It's possible he could have lived into his late 80s or 90s back then, but I doubt that was what they were going for.
No, the book says he was 68 when he died in 1903. Saw the movie last night. It was okay, but that's about all I can say. For all the acclaim Hailee Steinfeld has been getting for the acting job she did, she just didn't seem right for the role--she looked too much like what she is, a nice Jewish girl from the San Fernando Valley, with full, sensual lips. What was needed was a prim, grim, thin-lipped Scotch-Irish type, and she just wasn't that. The actress they had playing the adult Mattie at the end looked better for the part. The part about La Boeuf getting roped, dragged and shot was not in the book, and it made little sense in the movie: After getting badly roughed up and receiving a through and through bullet wound in the upper body, he seems amazing spry within a day or two! In the novel, La Boeuf was with Mattie and Rooster in the cabin and then collaborated with Rooster in the ambush. He received a minor flesh wound from splinters when a bullet struck the stock of his carbine.
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Yes, the cinematography was fantastic.

Originally Posted by dave333 View Post
Cinematography was great, and the scenery where they filmed was just fantastic.
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I watched both versions within the last couple of weeks...

Would give the John Wayne version a slight nod, even though I think Clint used John Wayne to clean his gun.

Primarily because of the ending.
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I still need to watch this movie.
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cowboy/western films are so boring.
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Thought the movie was hilarious, was laughing most of the way through. Definitely one of the bettter movies i've seen recently.
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Originally Posted by ratratan View Post
cowboy/western films are so boring.

I love the feelings of westerns. The scene where Rooster met the indian who had a rifle across his lap after the corps was cut down from the tree epitomized the feeling for me. The indian never showed any aggression, but Rooster still had to flash his pistol, just in case. That type of cloak and dagger environment is what I love about westerns.
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Resurrection . . .

I watched it last night and thought it was a fantastic movie. I need to watch it again because I know I missed many great lines, as well as watch (maybe) the original.

I thought Brolin's character and his acting was the best.

The CGI rattlesnakes were pretty lame.
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