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If You Could Only Have 1 Pair of Shoes...

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What would it be. A difficult question. For me, I think a pair of comfortable, high-quality, well-made brown Chelseas. I love boots.
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If price wasn't a consideration..

Bespoke half-brogued blucher..

Could dress it up / down quite a bit.
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My second born son.
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Black horse-bit/snaffle loafers of the Gucci type. Absolutely versatile.
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Boots. Probably lace-up, leather & rubber sole. Probably brogued, very dark chestnut.
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Antiqued dk oak EG Ashby (606 or 888)?

Seems to me that a classy monk can most easily be dressed down or up
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My Paul Smith brogued boots. I could wear these everyday, walk miles and miles, and not get tired of/in these.

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If I can truly only have one pair of shoes, it seems it would have to be stylish, appropriate for all events, and utilitarian.

Given this, I would choose something similar to my Polo McCallum Chukka boots in dark brown shell cordovan. They are stylish and also versatile enough that they can be worn with anything from jeans to a suit. They are comfortable and the shell cordovan makes them durable. Also, instead of a leather sole they have a Dainite sole, which adds to the comfort factor if I have to do a lot of walking and allows me to wear them on rainy days. I would look fairly silly walking around in them with shorts during the summer, but I'm trying to play within the rules here.
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Either one of these would do the trick....

Aubercy Bespoke

Gaziano Bespoke
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It's a cruel thought, but--as long as it's a wish!--probably something from Koji Suzuki (like the Combination Scottish Brogue on centipede's site).
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There are some crocodile on G&G bepsoke that would do the trick. I wouldn't worry about dressing down, I'd wear 'em anyway!
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My Alden Fan AF21 Shell Cordovan Wingtips.
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Brown wholecuts in shell cordovan.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
Brown wholecuts in shell cordovan.
Sounds delicious.
Though, I'd probably do a Jhodpur boot instead
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