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repairing the lining of shoes

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i was wondering if it is possable to repair or replace the lining of shoes. i found a pair of nettleton shell cordovan oxfords at the thrift store yesterday for 3$, but the leather inside has a 1' crack on both shoes. the leather on the outside is beautiful, and the soles are new, so i would not mind investing some money into these shoes. is it possable?
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I don't think the lining of a shoe can be easily repaired: taken from AE's website:
Unfortunately, we may not be able to accept footwear with cut, torn or scuffed uppers or badly cracked lining leathers.
To get access to the lining, the entire shoe needs dismantling. Although this is done in a full refurbishment job, replacing the lining would mean that the new replacement lining would have to be stitched in by hand as a sewing machine would never hit all the existing wholes. Of course you might be able to replace the lining partially, just the forepart or so. But in any case it would mean completely dismantling the shoe.

You, or a cobbler, might be able to glue a strip of leather or some sticky cotton tape from underneath.
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I have an old pair of Lobb St. James's calf loafers the linings of which have largely disintegrated. I keep weaing them with little if any loss of comfort, finding a certain charm in their advanced age. Similarly an old pair of EG oxfords. The softer the lining the more fragile it seems. In my most worn pair of AE shell cordovans the lining is still as strong as the upper after ten years. My advice is to wear the shoes and enjoy them.
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I've had linings repaired, esp. in the heel-counter area. It can be done, although the results are not always pretty to look at.
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I would suggest the clue is in the price.

Throw them away they were sent to the charity shop for this reason - sign of a previous wise owner.
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I forgot that. Heel lining is no problem, as this is easily accessable.

The problem is the lining in the forepart.
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i cant tell when im wearing them, so maybe ill just glue it down. maybe they wont last 20 years, but i will get my 3$ out of them... actually already have.
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