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One button suits

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I was presented with the chance to buy a MTM suit for around 250 bucks. It's a guy in LA who outsources to Thailand and charges a markup. After seeing the garment, I decided that it was not worth it at full price. It is, however, worth the 250, in my opinion. Notwithstanding, I ordered a one button peak lapel in charcoal. The suit fits great (the sleeves are 1/2 inch too long - what are you gonna do?), but the position of the button is a bit low. I didn't specify, but I imagined that it would lie mid-stomach, or a couple inches above the belly button, more or less where the top button on a two button jacket would be. In fact, it lies much lower, around the belly button, the same level as the pockets. More like where the bottom button on a two button suit would be. Am I crazy or is this just too low?
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That does seem too low. Personally, I would've guessed that it'd be situated more in the area directly between where the buttons on a two-button suit would be. As long as it's in the center, I guess.
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the button should be at your waist pivot point turn your torso to the left and to the right and note where the pivot point on your torso it .... that is where the button on a one button jacket should be (or where the one button you button on a two button jacket should be or where the middle button on a three button jacket should be) generally it should be right at or above your navel
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