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Zegna Heritage Line

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I ran into several suits labeled Zegna Heritage on the outside label as well as the inside coat label. As opposed to Zegna Coutour or Zegna 15 mil 15, etc.

The interesting thing was the longer coat with very suppressed waist, very high button stance and gorge and absolutely no padding in the shoulders with very roped shoulders.

Looked like an Attolini or equivalent. I am so used to seeing Zegna sack suits that I was blown away.

Any experience out there? BTW,price point was $2250.

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Interesting. I saw some of those about 3 years ago here in a crappy men's store. They were really really nice, and the price was ridiculously low, someting like $700.

I posted something here and the most we could figure out was this was simply a garment made with Zegna Heritage cloth, rather than being a Zegna suit per se. Since then I have seen neither hide nor hare (hair?) of the Heritage label until this post.
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I considered a Zegna Heritage Cloth suit recently, but ended up not buying it. My impression was that the Heritage Cloth is a heavy fall-winter weave (of probably 100s or maybe slightly higher, but definitely not 150s). This weight wasn't quite right for my purposes.
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It may have been the cloth that gave it the name. As the word Heritage was where the word Trofeo appears on the Zegna inside label.

And yes it was a winter flannel, although not particularly heavy.

What was different however was the cut.....Very prounounced waist and absolutely no padding in the shoulders with a very roped sleevehead.

It was absolutely stunning.

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I saw a beautiful grey flannel chalk stripe at Saks 2 weeks ago. Great wool fabric. I wanted it.
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Just checked the Zegna website, and there is the following description of "Heritage" fabric:

The inspiration behind this fabric was a number of 1930s textile patterns in the Zegna archives and personal wardrobe of the founder Ermenegildo Zegna. They were revisited in a contemporary key, in line with current ideas on fabric weights and comfort. The Heritage family of fabrics available in worsted and woolen version, made of pure Australian Superfine wool, is a perfect marriage of modern technology and traditional methods.

There are also some pictures of suits made from Heritage, but it is difficult whether those particular suits have the same characteristics of the one you describe.
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One more thing about the Zegna.com website: If you go to their catwalk pictures (in the "Sartorial & Couture" section), there is a picture of a "Two-button cardigan suit in blue Heritage fabric with purple pinstripe." Cardigan suits are more Neopolitan style (very light padding in the shoulders, etc), so perhaps this is what you saw. That said, the waist doesn't look very supressed to me.

(I tried putting a link to it here, but the whole website is in Flash, so it would just take you to their homepage).
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