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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

expensive socks are the perfect gift. Too much to justify when buying yourself, but not too much that you couldn't afford to buy them as a gift.

christmas or birthday i will ask my mum. lol.

This is just how I feel about christmas/birthday presents. I always ask for nice/semi extravagant things that I want but can't justify spending my own money on haha. trrble
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haha yeah. Only thing is people don't take me seriously when i ask for socks and undies.
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"Here's my Christmas list, mum. Yes, I know I'm 30, but-- Yes, it's a spreadsheet, I've sorted it by swag factor... Well, just click the hyperlink. Yeah, international shipping is a bitch, even for socks. You'll need to convert currency.... Don't forget to ask for a VAT refund. Love you mum!"

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^^haha. I'm gonna ask my extended family to club together for a "WM fund" this christmas so i can get a jacket!
Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

jwjp, the arm length was relatively long. I could have prolly rolled the sleeves back an inch or so and my arms are of average length.
Ah that's good news, thanks.
Originally Posted by habitant View Post

Just picked up the espadrille boots, super stoked on those! Went against my original Blue's and went for the gray.. more versatile methinks.
Wish they'd done the upper in leather rather than canvas. Still, nice one, let us know what the quality's like.
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Irrefutable proof that those socks are worth half a stack
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these shoes are fuckin awesome as well. :$
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How much does their outerwear usually run? Probably sky high, amiright? More than junya?
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

How much does their outerwear usually run? Probably sky high, amiright? More than junya?

$800+, yes, and sometimes
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damnit. i need to be a millionaire, lol.

is wardrobe cheaper or just different?
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Yet it's still one of the most "reasonably" priced brands of that niche, that's not to say it isn't expensive. Mike, you should buy that and wear it oversized as a robe.
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got my espadrille boots today... ordered a size 44 but they're probably a touch big.. i wear 43-44 in common projects and these fit similar to a 44 in training boots.
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For anyone in San Francisco / Bay Area, MAC (modern appealing clothing) is carrying White Mountaineering this season and their first shipment is in.
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Do any of you guys know who else is stocking the WM socks, especially the blue snow/fairisle ones? Union was, but looks like they're sold out. Any leads?
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^ Have you tried stores in Japan? I'm pretty sure Green Noah still have the snow/fairisle ones
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