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How to get smell out of sweater?

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Some time ago I lightly handwashed a new (wool) sweater and set it out to dry on a towel for a couple of days. Problem is, I think that I may have left it out for too long, because now it smells, more or less, like a wet sweater. Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get this smell out of the sweater?

I think that I recall seeing a thread about this before the forum went down, but I'm assuming that that thread was lost permanently, because I didn't find anything while doing a search for "sweater." But I think that in that thread, somebody mentioned using vinegar in some manner to get the smell out. Anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Put it on a suit hanger (with broad shoulders) and hang it outside to breathe overnight. If that doesn't work, give it a couple sprays of febreze. I've had similar problems, and without doing either of the above, it usually goes away after a week.
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You could also just re-wash it and dry it properly. This should fix the smell.

BTW, the best way to dry it is to gently squeeze out the water in the sink, then spread it out on a towel, put another towel on top, roll the whole thing up, and squeeze the whole thing. Then pull the sweater out and lay it out to dry completely. There are also drying racks that are basically just a net that it can lay on to get air underneath. But the burrito step gets most of the water out.
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Try putting it inside your dryer, on air fluff. Twenty minutes, or so. That might help.

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