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Recommendation needed

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Hey guys! So, I am a 'two pair of jeans guy' right now. I have Canes 1947 and 5EP authentic fit vintage.

I like how the Canes are slim through the leg (it fits my thighs better than the 5EP) but the rise is high. I like the 5EP's rise, so it fits better in that area than the Canes.

Now, I've got about three months of wear on my Canes, which have been soaked but not washed. They are size 30, whereas the 5EP are size 31. Basically, I'm looking forward to washing these Canes in the next few months, and then buying another pair of raw jeans. I am looking for suggestions.

I want something that has a slim-silhouette, but I don't want something that's *tight* à la Dior Homme. I also want a lower rise than on the Canes. Something with an unique colour would be appreciated.

Thank you guys!
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slim jim dry greycast or dry japan, perhaps. They aren't that tight imo, and the greycast colour is definitely unique.
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pbj 005?
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Originally Posted by cheapmutha
pbj 005?
imo those PBJs are borderline dior-tight.
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sda 103's low rise, tighter fit, but not as tight as diors from what i hear.
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If you like the rise of the 5EP Authentics, but want a slimmer fit, why not jus go for the 5EP bootcut. The bootcut is minimal (a fraction of an inch) if you are adverse to bootcuts, and the thighs are slim compared to the other 5EP cuts.
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Denime has some really good non repo fits. I would check their yahoo website.
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