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Gym and running apparel.

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I did a search and I can't seem to find a thread about gym clothes that actually got any responses, figured I'd try again.

Right now I'm subsisting on shorts and shirts from college sports and as I'm attempting to regularly run and go to the gym, I'm finding that it's just not enough.

I'm looking for stuff that can be had affordably (online shopping, I presume), because I'm looking to get a pair of shorts and shirt for each day of the week, and that can get expensive.

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Lululemon has great gear
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This thread, , was about sweatpants, but you can look for general ideas for manufacturers.
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I usually just head for Marshalls/TJ Maxx. Lots of stuff from Nike/Adidas/Asics etc.
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^Ditto, I just got all new running gear from TJ Maxx and I found everything I wanted. Adidas shorts and long sleeve shirt for $15 each, Nike DriFit tights for $20, Puma socks, Cloudveil running hoodies. I still desperately need slim sweat pants for running though, any ideas?
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Originally Posted by prep333 View Post
Lululemon has great gear

They do, just be sure to try some first as I find it runs at least a size large. I wasn't expecting this since it LOOKS very form-fitting, but a Small was too large for me.
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Old navy has cheap decent shorts and whatnot. I wouldn't bother spending a ton of cash on lululemon stuff, unless you're really concerned about how you look (running downtown in college towns full of chickas, say). If you just lift weights, just use old t-shirts..
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Old Navy is a good idea. I guess otherwise I'll just head to TJ/Ross/etc and see what I can do for cheap, I am not really all that picky so long as I feel comfortable in it and it's cheap enough I can get enough to make it from laundry day to laundry day without reusing.
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Nordstrom's Rack has Nike running shorts for around $20. I highly recommend them b/c they let your goods breathe. Haha. You also might not need one outfit per day. Have a few outfits and just wash them with some detergent after working out. Takes five mins and since athletic stuff are designed to dry quickly, they'll dry overnight.
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Champion C9 mesh shorts - 9.99 at Target. Any cheap T-shirt at Target: $5 or less. Get into the gym, crank out your workout in 45 min and gtfo. Not sure any handwringing about gym attire is really warranted.
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+1 for Champion gear or Nike gear at Marshall's or clearance rack at Dick's or Sport's Authority.
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Personally I really love Adidas Techfit junk. Was way skeptic until my football team made a group purchase, but now I love them. They're way pricey though on their own - the Powerweb stuff where it looks like you've got bands all over.
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I still desperately need slim sweat pants for running though, any ideas?[/QUOTE]

Hmm, I picked up a couple of pairs at the end of last season from LL Bean - one Gore-tex and one Brooks Nightlife series for colder temps. Looks like Bean has similar things this season but at full price now. Maybe try Sierra Trading Post?
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