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Same look and name

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these are by alfred sargent: sargent calls this model the carlton. this shoe is also called the carlton and is by shipton & heneage: i like the look in pictures though i'm not sure how i'd like them in person. the shipton website calls it a '50s look. anyway i like them. what do you think?
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99% sure that they are the same shoe - Sargent makes them for S&H.
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i thought so too. for the guy who wanted a frank sinatra look, how about these?
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I ordered some shoes (a different model) from S&H several years ago, and was told that the model I purchased then was made by Sargent. I have seen the Sargents in person, and while I do not particularly like that style, they are very fine shoes. It is a cliche, but in my opinion, the pictures do not do the leather and the workmanship justice. I have 4 pair of other shoes in the premier exclusive range, and think they are fabulous. I am sure that the S&H and/or Sargent shoe is several times over a better shoe, but when I have thought about the 1950's look, I have been tempted by the Sanders "Blackwall." Bic
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Hello, I have seen lots on info on where to get C&J shoes (e.g. P. Lal, etc). Where does one find Sargent shoes (esp Premium grade) at a discount? What outlets sell these shoes under the proper name? Thanks.
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I bought my Sargents at pediwear and International Shoe. You should be able to find them if you do a search. I think that they may be two of the cheapest on line sources for Sargents Premium grade under the Sargent name. Bic
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