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Wearable colors

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I have read a guide that lists flattering and unflattering colors based on three complexions fair, medium and dark. I have a fair and rosey complexion, with very dark brown (some say black) hair, and dark brown eyes. What colors can I wear? What colors should I avoid? Any help would be appreciated.
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I am fair complected as well; however I am blonde with blue eyes. You should probably stay away from pinks and reds, and whatever a cool color is. I'd guess more pastel colors would suit your fair complexion. I can't wear certain dark greens, but I look great in a loden green - which has some heather in it. When I wear a red shirt, not crimson, but an orange red or pink, it looks like I am having blood pressure issues. Go to a deparment store and visit the Polo display. Hold up every color of polo shirt you that you like, and decide if it compliments your complexion or makes you look washed-out. As far as suits go, just about everyone can wear charcola gray, but lighter grays can wash-out the fair complected. Tans can be dicey, too. Everyone can wear navy, but again beware of other blues. You are the best one to judge, unless you just can't see it. In that case, find someone you trust who has proven color sense and take them with you. You should avoid having wearing the colors that aren't your type when they are near your face - think shirts, jackets, and coats. Ties are not an issue as they take up such little space and should compliment or coordinate with your jacket and shirt.
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Welcome to the forum. Here are some resources I found useful for color coordination for different skin/hair colors: "Color for Men" by Carole Jackson "More Alive with Color" by Leatrice Eiseman The last book is the least well-known, but I like it because it's the least restrictive. Eiseman includes a list of "transitional colors" that anyone can wear, including navy, charcoal gray, medium gray, two dark browns, two dark reds, etc. (with the requisite cutesy names). Most of the book is written for women so the chapter on make-up, for example, is irrelevant for most men.
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