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Paul Smith London suits - "Luxury" tag ?

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I just picked up a great Paul Smith London suit, classic navy slimfitting 2-button suit from s/s 2006, at $400. The thing is the store had both "Paul Smith London" and "Paul Smith London - Luxury" suits.
Mine was of the luxury kind, what is the difference between the two?
The tags are similar but the luxury one has "Luxury" written on the tag just above "Paul Smith London".

There's also a little tag that says "Paul Smith London Luxury suits have horsehair canvassing for optimal shape and fitting" bla bla. I was expecting to get a decent fused suit for my money, thinking only mainline PS was canvassed. Have i got lucky?
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No you didnt get lucky. All suits have canvassing...just because it's "horsehair" doesnt mean it still isnt fused, which PS London are. I have suits from both as well "London and London-Luxury"....the biggest thing I notice is that the fabric for the "Luxury" is nicer, and that the cut is fuller and bigger and a bit more conservative/business oriented. The normal "London" seems to be cut slimmer, at least ime. Only the mainline PS is floating canvassed.

*you can always give your suit the 'pinch test' just to double check if the canvas is fused or floating.
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Where did you get this suit, if you don't mind me asking. I'm interested in picking up the exact same one, but at Neiman's it was $1k.
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I got it at local store in Sweden, but you can also find lots of good PS deals on british Most of the sellers ship to the US and prices are much lower than in the US
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Thanks for the info on the luxury line, atleast i got a better fabric then =)
But there's one more thing i just remembered, all of the standard London suits were made in Portugal, and the Luxury London's were made in Italy.
Seems like it's atleast a different factory doing them.

I dont know if it's the same in the US market, maybe you get all the Italy made suits but in europe Paul smith's PS line of suits are made in Portugal.
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Yea the PS line are all made in Portugal here too. The London lines all have "Made in Italy" labels that I've seen. The mainline suits and shirts used to be made in England, but they're all made in Italy now as well. The Jeans line is made in China.
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