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My hugo boss suit.

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Hello all.. I am new .. and I picked up lot from u people within couple of days .. thanks all ... Question though .. I was inspecting my Hugo Boss suit made in italy had mid layer garmet between wool and inner lineing around chest area only. Now .. is this Canvas? Also .. I tried on Brioni today .. very comfortable and light. But due to my broad shoulder and chest .. I looked like a brick. I know you guys bash Armani here .. But I think with my current body shape, Armani natural line fits the best on me .. Have great weekend guys.
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If it is a baldessarini, it will be canvas. I think made by Caruso, not 100% sure. I have never seen a non-baldessarini that was canvas construction.
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By inspecting, do you mean feeling the chest area, or did you cut it open? As AHarris pointed out to me, all suits will have the middle layer. The difference is whether it's glued or sewed into place. I had the same questions when I started feeling my jackets. For yucks, I cut open an old Hugo Boss suit jacket I had and a Chester Barrie sportsjacket I picked up on EBay for a couple of bucks and saw the difference. Very enlightening.
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