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I have become quite a pocket square addict in recent years. I think my wardrobe is currently up to 49 squares.

I find the classic white linen a square a little boring. It is always correct and versatile. I think you can use it with anything. I not infrequently pair mine with tweeds or other heavier woolens, contrary to what some others here have said. I always use the peak or the square (TV/Presidential) folds with linen.

Colored cotton squares can be attractive. I have an assortment of them. I always use the square fold with them.

Silk is my favorite. The majority, by far, of my squares are silken. I do not share the aversion to solid-colored squares sometimes expressed in the forum culture. I always puff my silken squares, so the stitching of the border is inconsequential to me. In general, I have found the amount of discernible difference between cheap squares and costly ones to be negligible.
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12" linen squares, usually patterned ones, work well with woven and printed silk neckties, and 18" silk squares, usually paislies, checks or foulards, with knit silk, grenadine, cashmere, linen and other flat surfaced neckties.

Linen squares work better in a square fold and smaller is better or they bulk up the pocket. Silks are usually worn puffed, and you need the extra size to keep them from slipping down until they are invisible.

For storage, I just throw mine into drawers.
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