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Watch Alternatives

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Long story short, a friend is looking to purchase the following watch:

It's a Rolex Day-Date II in all yellow gold. Something like that is going to run around $30k in Canada give or take a few grand.

Now I've tried to dissuade him from what seems to me to be such a tacky purchase, but he seems pretty adamant about it.

I'm looking for alternative Rolex watches (has to be Rolex. don't ask. not my condition). Given a limit of 40k, what Rolex would you pick for formal events?... or maybe I'm wrong and this is awesome. Either way, let me know!
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I would not pick that Rolex for fomal events (other than rap star weddings in Vegas). A formal watch is small, gold, thin on a leather strap. $40k buys some much nicer watches from Patek Philippe, Lange, AP, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, Blancpain, JLC just to name a few.
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Are you serious? There are so many better options than Rolex...If so, Submariner in white gold looks okay I guess. Like Twotone said, if he had half a brain, he would buy something actually worth his money like PP, ALC, JLC, VC, AP, or UN. There's a few others but I would suggest these. Unless he wipes his ass with $100 bills, he should look into these manufacturers.
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Rolex Cellini Danaos

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I wouldn't wear that watch if someone gave it to me for free. Rolex makes good watches but they are by no means the best. A solid gold watch is definitely not classy. For that kind of money he should get a limited edition tourbillon that won't lose its value exponentially. for that kind of money you should tell him to look into Breguet, Patek, Frank Muller, Richard Mille. If he likes flashy then Hublot, Audemars, Ulysse Nardin, Parmigiani... but over $10k for a watch is a bit much.
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For 40 k $ he should definitely go for Patek. So much more classy.

Rolex is good for sport wacthes, like Daytona, or Submariner, and the vintage ones kick ass. Nevertheless, the President is definitely not worth the money in my opinion.
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Don't let these internet jackasses talk you out of what you want.

But what you want not what some douchbag suggest you get.

"I wouldn't wear such a watch if give for free..."
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tell him to get a patek. or a dope JLC. I've wanted a JLC for quite some time now.
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If it's got to be a day date, here's an instant improvement (Get rid of the jewels on the face): These seem to be staples:
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If I was spending 40K on a watch, I certainly wouldn't want to get something that already looks dated, like a yellow gold Rolex. I also would want something I could wear well with a suit, which just about rules out the metal watch bands (with some exceptions, I'm sure).

But for 40K, I'd much rather have ten 4K watches than one holy grail.
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True Rolex's are not well liked around these parts, but that's mostly because of the stigma that the brand has. Rolex makes nice watches, and they hold their value very well. I think gold watches are very tacky though, tell him to look into white gold.

I also second the cry for him to get a Patek, I am just saying that buying a Rolex is not really throwing your money away.
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F.P. Journe.
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Do you guys have a reading comprehension problem?

The OP says his friend doesn't want anything but a Rolex, and acknowledges that this is a goofy limitation that he wouldn't impose himself.

Suggest another Rolex or STFU.
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If Rolex and formal are the goals, here's what I suggest:

1. Get a simple steel Rolex: Explorer, GMT or Submariner. Budget: 6K
2. Get a gold dress watch: Patek, Vacheron, Lange, Breguet or Glashuette. Budget: 20K

Keep the rest in the bank or get a couple more watches.
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