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Paul Stuart ties

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Does anyone have experience with them? Are they of high quality?
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Like the rest of Paul Stuart's offerings, very nice, but not quite the best you can get.
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Yes, they are high quality although they have some questionable designs which invariably end-up on sale on the twice yearly sales.

Also, the ties are fairly priced.

The store does not make it own ties, but it has its ties made to its order.

One of the vendors that it uses is Michael Drake.
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I agree with Seitleman. For the most part, good to great quality. A limited selection is made by Drakes. Don't dare to ask the salespeople who makes the ties since you will be met with an icy stare and a response which says "sir, our ties are made by Paul Stuart.". To which I responded, I did not realize that PS had its own tie making factories. The dumbass saleswoman walked away in a huff. Many of the designs are not that attractive. Try to search out the ones made by Drakes.
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The overall quality really is pretty good for the money. If the Drake ties are not priced higher than the rest, I dare say they are a relative bargain.
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