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trench coats

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Does anyone make them slim? They all seem so huge on me. I've tried burberry and LP storm system.

I don't want anything fashiony either. I want one that will last for several years. Suggestions?
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I have a few that are slimmer that most but the nature of raincoats is to be a bit roomy.
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I have a allegri that fits me slim but it is also 2 sizes too small. Oddly enough the shoulders fit great with no jacket underneath and has a good length just above the knee. I think it was designed for a shorter person but the length on me is very modern. I got it at steep steep discount.
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Burberry has a mtm service that should be able to make it to your desires.
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I got a rather slim and classic one from Jil Sander about four to five years ago and it has held up well. Another from Paul Smith from six years ago has received less wear but still very strong. Look at the more subdued designer offerings. You might as well pay a little extra for the fit; the materials/construction doesn't get much better; you can't really go bespoke.
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Costume National Italian... they are sleek and slim, here they are now on sale here for aroud $300 ( full price was some $600 )
here a pic from the web

I do use those bought from a local store here in Switzerland called Manor, this is from their "Avant Premiere" own brand, don't really know if they are available somewhere else, were sold out during the summer period... I have 2 one in khaki one in blue, $120 each full price, got them on sale for $50 each
they have all the original detailing as a burberry coat ( buttoned vent, buttoned cuffs, back of the belt and pockets, storm flap etc ) 100% cotton, 100% viscosa lining

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