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wow you are a bit touchy, you asked a question i obliged with an answer!! I am very happy with my purchases from a old established manufacturer, of quality products at a very fair price and have bought 2 sweaters for less than the price of 1 from Jump the Gun.
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Price isn't the only thing, and just because the factory makes things doesn't mean it is the same object as what a collaborator and the factory make together.

The best proof of that is the Wings&Horns Dayton boots, and what happened when a whole bunch of people tried to get a deal from the Dayton factory directly. The Wings&Horns folks did add value; for one thing a level of quality control that a work boot maker probably doesn't usually do.
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totally agree with you, price isnt everything, but these guys are making sweaters to British navy specifcations and have done for years and its a very good product direct from a manufacturer with no middle man cut.
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See, I don't think it is a middle man cut. As near as I can tell, North Sea Clothing is a one man act that does it for love, not money.

If you want what the British Navy is wearing, buy it from the factory. If you want a North Sea Clothing sweater, don't go to the factory to get one, unless you have the time and money to go through iterations with them to get exactly what they are making for North Sea Clothing.
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Sorry Johnmc16. Touchy I am not but maybe a little abrupt. I appologise if I came across so.
It is very difficult to compare prices when items are from different manufacturers. There are many factors that determine the end price. Often small independents are making very short runs of items which increase cost, as well as development of patterns and different wools in this particular case.
Considering the small numbers made for "North Sea" they are not really overpriced, but I am not saying they are cheap either.
I don't doubt you that your purchases are a very good product but I do say they are different from North sea or JTG so the comparison is not really valid. If this is the factory making for North sea I would be most surprised if they sold you one of their customers garments.
Regards from a calm Englishman.
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just been emailed a discount code from that gives 15% off all purchases, i dont need any more sweaters but the code is
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Originally Posted by hoit1981 View Post

Hmmm... no thread on this yet - or maybe I'm not looking hard enough?

Does anyone have any information on North Sea Clothing? I recently came across their website and found they make 2 amazing looking sweaters - the Submariner (£115) and the Expedition (£125). A pretty reasonable price considering how good they look and they're made by hand in the UK.

All I can find is that the man behind the collection is called "Mr Starr" and that he collects (and I guess sells) vintage Belstaff and Barbour.

Anyway, the Shawl Collar Sweater looks amazing. Any ideas on size and fit?

what is that lighter blue piece on the upper right? eh.gif
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I just received the North Sea Expedition shawl sweater. I ordered a size 40. I am a 38-39 chest. The sweater (blue) is heavy and VERY snug. I'm not sure if I should have ordered a 42. I will try it on, again, in the morning and see what I think. Will try to post a pic. This is one SERIOUS SWEATER.
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Sure it will stretch. Fit pics if possible. Also where did u order it from? North sea doesn't do vat deduct
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Do you more often wear Medium or Small?

I want one.
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I ordered it from North Sea.
I wear a typical "Medium".
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Here is a picture of the owner/founder? of North Sea Clothing wearing the Expedition.


Note that the collar is very small. On my sweater, the opening for the head is very small--with the button undone. This is not a sweater that is conducive for wearing a button down shirt underneath. The shawl is very small. It is more like a turtleneck sweater. Putting my (not so big!) head through the sweater opening is like putting on a turtleneck. This picture gives a good idea as to the size of the head opening.


So, wearing a thin, light, long-sleeved layer underneath should be just right. I will post a picture of my sweater, later, when the sun comes up.

This is a perfect sweater for cold weather. Not so much an indoor sweater. (Much like the LL Bean Norwegian. The Norwegian, even in a Small, is HUGE--just the opposite of the Expedition.)
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No sun today. Terrible lighting. Hope these pics give some idea what the sweater is like. Underneath the sweater, I am wearing a Patagonia wool layer shirt. The sweater, while snug, has lots of material--I could stretch it to below my hips. I would not want a larger size. Snug, but not tight. Roomy, but not baggy.


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Hmm angle is a bit hard to see. It looks quite loose to me. You originally said it was very snug, did you just mean the neck opening?
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looks good also from the pics seems like the arms are decently slim fitting as well
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