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Originally Posted by Violinist
Again, with anyone else on the Style Forum I'd immediately detect sarcasm/veiled wit that they're projecting, but somehow you gave me pause.

Well if you are thinking of a major departure and considering a move to Manchester to study music(which incidently I believe is very good),we can go for a beer and watch a United game.No hooliganism I promise.
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There is Hyde Park and North Campus, north of, well, campus. Those areas are generally cheaper than West Campus, which has a higher percentage of students. The smart move now may be to move to East Austin, which is being gentrified. You'll be east of campus, close to both campus and downtown and probably get a steal on the rent -- though you'll have to put up with the occasional crack cocaine enthusiast.
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As I remember there are a lot apartments and rent houses along Red River north of campus and there is a bus that runs down it and will leave you near the music department. There is also a grocery store and liquor store along the same road.
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I'm not concerned with saving too much money... for a long time I was planning on living in NYC. Are you saying Hyde Park is a bit lonely?
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Not lonely at all. It's just not a Krazee Undergrad Ghetto like West Campus.

From my apt on Tom Green near 32nd I could bike to the theater bldg [a block father than the music buidlings] in less than 10 min.
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Mack, you should see West Campus now. There's been so much new construction in the past few years that I hardly recognize it from when I first started going to school in 2002. I believe there are no less than a dozen new condo and "luxury" apartment buildings. That said, West Campus (and the southern most part of North Campus) is the only area that is actually within walking distance from campus, but is quite rowdy. The new developments have really made it more anti-septic, and the "luxury" apartments are priced so that only the frat crowd can afford them. If you choose to come to Austin, let me know and we'll grab some barbecue (it's a hobby of mine, now having been to 4 out 5 of the top barbecue joints in Texas -- and therefore, the world!).
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