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we've had a number of long term team members walk without warning this year. economy is picking up and well simply put, there are a lot of interesting opportunities out there right now that haven't been available for quite some time. I'm fiercely loyal to my company but I've also been very open for over a year now that they have me significantly below current market rates. I'm sure the inevitable will still come as a shock to them, as well as the continued bleeding of good talent... especially when its obvious that money is now coming in the door hand over fist.
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I had a good friend quit abruptly at the job we used work at. I was very suprised at how upset I was. But I got over it within a few days.
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As I said in post #2, everyone leaves.
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Originally Posted by gamelan View Post
he was with the company 8 years, 6 of those as part of my team. i've worked with him the longest out of everyone in my current team. man, it hurts like a motherfucker esp. since i really liked him as a person. a most unmanagerial and unmanly thing to do but i almost thought like i was gonna cry (well, not really but it's one of those instances where crying probably would have helped, you know what i'm saying?).

anyway, i imagine others can relate. thoughts?

(now i get to send e-mails out to the rest of management and my team letting them know about this)


Similar thing happened to me several years ago when my QC Manager left. She just quit showing and a few days later I received an email, with no explanation why, saying she just couldn't work here anymore. Hurt, because we also became personal friends and that ended (for the time being).

About six months ago, she sent an email to one of my staff asking if I would consider letting her come back. I said of course, with open arms and she's here again. We spoke the first day, with each of us stating her absence would not be spoken of or referred to.

Very difficult stuff mixing friendship with business.
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jesus, a lot of people dipping the company ink in this thread
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Putting it bluntly, it sounds like you have feelings for him in terms of dating/relationship/etc.
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Originally Posted by imageWIS View Post
When I told my boss at the company I used to work at while I went to school that I was resigning her eyes got super big and she almost looked like she was going to cry. Over the course of my last 2 weeks I showed her what my job entailed... she couldn't believe all the stuff I had to do on a daily basis.
Tears of joy can be a beautiful thing.
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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post
Get his phone number and email address, take him out to a titty bar, and send him off with a bang.

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you really want to cry? wtf

you should be happy for him, he obviously hates this position and can't stand it one more day. he's off to find something better.
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Your guy was smart not to spill a giant barrel of shit when you asked him why he was leaving. If he had said that he was underpaid, undervalued, unchallenged, tired of working with a bunch of duds, and sick of your stagnant company drowning in its own turds, then you would not be mourning his loss. He did it right. There's really no good reason to show your ass as you leave.

A lot of folks who have been with the same outfit through the past three years are at this point doing the work of two people and haven't seen jack-shit for a raise in a long while. Some employers have continued to squeeze wages even as their business has picked up. It's time for employers to recognize the accomplishments of their most valuable employees or to suffer the consequences of sudden defections.

From the company side the thing is this: everyone is replaceable. It just takes time. Many young people are deluded as to their own value. They of themselves as unique snowflakes. In reality very, very few of them are. I dare say that virtually anyone under thirty is replaceable inside of 30 days.

Also: a large portion of the 10% of workers presently unemployed are low-skill, low-value workers whose industries have dried up.
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Strange vibe in this thread.
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Originally Posted by Stazy View Post
Strange vibe in this thread.

I've been sensing it from the first post.
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I hope there was at least some cuddling involved.
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The "it hurts like a motherfucker" line in the OP is an awfully strange sentiment to have in this situation
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8 years with the same mob is a fairly long haul. sometimes its good to change scenery just so you know you can. ive been with the same company for 6 years since graduating and although they keep hinting at excellent career progression opportunities, and fairly generous retention scheme, i cant help feeling like i need to change jobs before i become institutionalised.
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