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Experiences at Off 5th in Folsom, CA?

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Apologies for the uber-specific thread subject. I'm heading to Sacramento tomorrow for work and am contemplating whether it'd be worth driving an extra 40 miles to use a 30% off coupon at the Off 5th there. I've been to the Off 5th in the Great Mall in Milpitas and was wondering how the Folsom location compares.
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can be very fruitful. I visit the Folsom Off 5th about once a month and have found incredible deals... and the occassional big miss. Was there over labor day week end and the stock was very good. I do find that markdown merchandise is more plentiful than Milpitas.
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Personally I like the Vacaville outlets much more. The off saks is the only store worth going to in Folsom, and maybe the kenneth cole.

There were some hugo boss ties I wanted to go back and get at the off saks, even though I think they were still like 75 bucks. I like penguin, and they have a lot of penguin stuff, but that is more casual. I need to go out there soon to return some penguin pants that shrunk, never buy panguin pants.

If you have 30% off though I'd definitely use it and check it out. The suits and ties are quite limited compared to the women's clothes though. Also, maybe check out the Vacaville outlets on the way. You can find a listing of stores on the web, I always frequent the Banana Republic outlet. Found a great madras summer blazer there for $30 last month on clearance.

But then again, ANYTHING is better than the not-so Great Mall. Thinking about that nasty random carpetting gives me the shivers.
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Originally Posted by tiecollector
The off saks is the only store worth going to in Folsom, and maybe the kenneth cole.
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yeah and its a BIG maybe.
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Just went there last week. Not a particularly wide selection, and the prices were not marked off that much.

On the other hand, there's a Nordstrom Rack at Howe and Arden that ROCKS! I regularly pull out Zanella and Canali pants for prices ranging from $80 to 110. If you're anywhere from a 32 to a 36 waist and need some, there are several in the store now.

Likewise the shoe selection at the Rack is much better than Off Saks. Nordstrom had more in size 12 than Saks had in all sizes combined.

The earlier poster is right regarding other stores. I saw nothing in any store there aside from Saks that had anything I would buy--except there is a Puma outlet if you're into that for streetwear.

Also, I don't know where you're coming from, but if you can get to San Francisco, you should do so--its a 100 mile drive from Sacramento. You could easily shop that city for a week and not finish.
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Thanks all for the advice. I wound up getting a pair of Boss trousers for $25 and an Ike Behar tie at Off 5th. They had a bunch of nice Canali sportcoats for less than $200 in my size (38R), but the shoulders were just a bit too wide.

Also stopped by the Rack in Arden. Definitely a larger selection, but didn't have time to shop around much.
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Oh yeah, I forgot about the Nordy Rack at Arden. It is MUCH better than off Saks, the one on Howe is better than the one in Roseville too. I found some Ted Baker shirts for $20. Penguin shirts for $20, as well as some decent ties. Wider suit selection too though I've never bought a suit from there. If you are going to actual Sacramento then Folsom is a bit out of the way too depending on which direction you are coming from. Arden is close to downtown.
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